Queen Mary 2 cruises 2024

Learn about the variety of locations that Queen Mary 2, the only true ocean liner will call at in 2024. Enjoy restful days at sea in luxurious surroundings while taking in famous sights and amazing natural wonders.

Queen Mary 2 transatlantic cruises 2024

Explore the Atlantic in search of fresh adventures and experience everything authentic ocean travel has to offer. Enjoy gourmet eating, dancing, theater, and music as you lose yourself in the enchantment of a maritime world.

Queen Mary 2 Northern Europe cruises 2024

Enjoy a scenic tour of Northern Europe's attractions, from medieval towns and villages to the Scandinavian region's geysers, fjords, and glaciers.

Queen Mary 2 Caribbean cruises 2024

A Caribbean cruise offers an equal amount of discovery and escape. While white sand and turquoise water may be the Caribbean's calling card, there are also lively marketplaces, candy-colored homes, and old garrisons (as well as volcanoes, rainforests, and reefs for the daring).

Queen Mary 2 cruises from New York 2024

A cruise from New York is an unforgettable experience. The sight of that iconic skyline disappears into the distance as you sip champagne on deck. Whether you're crossing the Atlantic in search of Europe or indulging in Caribbean island-hopping, there's no better way to get there in style than on board Queen Mary 2.