Queen Anne cruises 2025

Experience Queen Anne and all that she has to offer in 2025. From the warmth of the Arabian sun to the bustling cities of Southampton and Sydney - see the world like never before.

Queen Anne world cruises 2025

Enjoy a World Voyage on board Queen Anne in 2025. Treasure all kinds of experiences from the heat of the Arabian sun in Dubai to the cool breeze that awaits in the Norwegian fjords, taking in iconic cities along the way including New York and Sydney.

Queen Anne Northern Europe cruises 2025

Glide through the fjords of Norway. Taste freshly baked pastries in Copenhagen. Treasure short breaks to Germany, the Netherlands or France.

Queen Anne Mediterranean cruises 2025

From the western to central Mediterranean, experience Queen Anne on a voyage like no other around the highlights of this part of the world. Take in Roman ruins before visiting Gibraltar's breathtaking Rock. Enjoy the Mediterranean exactly as you wish.

Queen Anne Canary Island cruises 2025

Seek the sun in the fertile, volcanic Canary Islands. Taste traditional Spanish flavors, feel warm sand crunch under your toes, or go adventuring across rocky mountains and lush green forests.

Queen Anne cruises 2025

Whether you wish to experience a full voyage on board Queen Anne or you wish to explore the many wonders of the world, a cruise with Cunard provides countless adventures for you.