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Delight in an exclusive personal shopping event, as our experts share their in-depth knowledge of on board products to give you an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience, and private access to the boutiques. Available exclusively on Queen Mary 2.

Enjoy a dedicated personal shopping service, designed to help you make choices you’re happy with on anything from the smallest accessories to the grandest items of clothing.

Should you be looking for the ideal accessory to complement your Gala Evening attire, or perhaps to give a nod to the night’s theme, our team is there to offer advice. Consider carefully thought-out suggestions, whether it’s a pair of striking gold cufflinks to add a little je ne sais quoi, or a beautiful wrap or purse. Our team will advise on what suits both your style and your preferences.

Perhaps you’re celebrating an occasion on board, such as a birthday or anniversary. Why not speak with our personal shopping experts to find the perfect present? Make the most of advice on anything from statement jewellery to fragrances, and give a wonderful surprise to that special someone. Relax in the knowledge that our team is on hand to help you when it comes to finding an unforgettable gift.

It’s wonderful to show someone you’ve been thinking of them while you’re away, whether that’s with a small token of memorabilia, or maybe something a little more. Our team can also offer advice on keepsakes and souvenirs to take home to loved ones.