Queen Mary 2.

Queen Mary 2 is a remarkable flagship, her style and elegance are legendary. Above all, it‘s the space she offers and the luxury for you to do as little or as much as you wish which sets her apart.

Welcome to a true icon. Our flagship is a truly astonishing liner and you’ll find an incredible sense of freedom from the space she offers. Whether you’re in the mood for complete relaxation or something more active, you can find it. Immerse yourself in enthralling entertainment, be indulged in the on board spa, or simply relax with a book in her vast library. You’ll discover remarkable craftsmanship in the elegant staterooms and suites and savouring her many sumptuous restaurants and bars is always a pleasure.

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On board Queen Mary 2.

Revel in the spacious surroundings of our legendary flagship, with the freedom to do as little or as much as you please. Your time at sea is your own, and you'll find abundant possibilities to discover on board the world's last ocean liner.

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