World cruises - what you need to know.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first-time cruiser, here are some of the most important things you need to know before you sail away on your dream world cruise.

Booking your world cruise.

As you plan to book an exciting world cruise, you may find yourself asking a number of questions – When is the best time to go on a world cruise? How much does a world cruise cost?

Your first day and night of your world cruise.

On the first day of your cruise, you’ll receive a welcome letter, as well as a Daily Programme in your stateroom. You'll receive a Daily Programme every evening throughout the cruise, which lists all of the on board day activities for the following day, plus restaurant hours.

Your luggage will be delivered to your stateroom shortly after you embark, however you may have to wait a few hours, so it's advisable to bring anything you wish to change into in your carry-on bag.

Your first day will likely be spent simply exploring the ship and what it has to offer, grab a spot of lunch, and celebrating your departure with a delicious cocktail or refreshing glass of wine at the Sailaway party. You may choose to take it easy and relax by the pool or in the hot tub, or perhaps you’ll head to the Customer Service Desk to start arranging your Shore Experiences and taking care of any dining reservations you wish to make.

When you’ve had your fill of exploring the ship, perhaps head back to your stateroom, unpack, and refresh yourself. Then, when you’re ready, head out to explore various bars and lounges and evening entertainment on your first night. After a delicious dinner , take in the evening air outside on the deck, have a flutter at the casino , or perhaps catch the show in the Royal Court Theatre . You’ll find plenty of enticing spots in which to enjoy a quiet drink or meet fellow guests, or you could spend time browsing the shops.

Frequently asked questions about world cruises.

A world cruise is a truly unparalleled experience, and surely one you’ll never forget. Once you’ve made the decision to book, you’ll probably find yourself thinking up all sorts of questions. Here are a few of the queries we hear most often.

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