Cruises to Northern Europe.

Our Northern Europe cruises introduce you to welcoming towns and cities, many with intriguing medieval roots. You can also explore dramatic Scandinavian landscapes of geysers, fjords and glaciers under summer’s Midnight Sun.

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Copenhagen, Denmark.

Founded in the 12th century, Copenhagen is strikingly modern and richly traditional in equal measure, bringing you the ramparts of Hamlet’s Elsinore along with the latest in Scandinavian design style.

Gothenberg, Sweden.

Sweden's second city is a pleasant whirl of parks and canals, and proud maritime traditions. The grand Maritime Museum celebrates this, and even its modern opera house resembles a classic ocean liner.

Andalsnes, Norway.

Not far from the idyllic Andalsnes, you’ll locate a unique curiosity: the ‘Troll Wall’, which features immense grassy cliffs forming Europe's highest vertical mountain face. An amazing natural wonder.

Oslo, Norway.

Oslo is the oldest and least populous capital in all Scandinavia, with superb theatres, great cafés, and excellent shopping, as well as a magnificent selection of churches, palaces, parks and museums.

Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, enjoys a wonderful setting of high hills, sea lough and river valley. Founded in the 17th century, the city prospered to become a world-leading industrial centre.

Overcoming much of its recent political turbulence, Belfast has emerged as a vibrant destination of beautiful Victorian buildings, stylish boutiques and charming old pubs.

Ísafjörður, Iceland.

Few regions are as wild and unspoiled as Iceland’s Westfjords. The landscape is dramatic and approaching by sea offers the perfect chance to absorb the scenery before setting foot on land.

Embrace local life in Ísafjörður town or visit the charming nearby village of Flateyri. Further afield you can sail to Vigur, home to Iceland’s last remaining windmill, where time has seemingly stood still.

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Scenic cruising.

Escape the everyday with a scenic cruise where you’ll enjoy uninterrupted sailing. Enjoy time to unwind as you delight in the majestic landscape, while indulging in music, theatre and dining on board.

A world to enjoy however you wish.

Spacious decks offering a feeling of freedom, days filled with the promise of possibilities, and evenings where the night is always young. Queen Elizabeth’s world is elegant and inviting.

Northern Europe shore experiences.

Be inspired.

Northern Europe is a place of ancient myths, stunning scenery and breathtaking adventure. Here are some of our favourite places to visit, presented to you for exploration from home.

A Lofoten island escape.

Found well within the Arctic Circle, these Norwegian islands are home to soaring mountain peaks, charming fishing villages and exciting Viking history.

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Starry, starry night.

Join John Maclean, astronomer and award-winning astrophotographer, on an exploration of the sought-after sights of the mysterious aurora borealis.

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An Icelandic odyssey.

Explore a land of fire and ice, of thundering waterfalls and dense forest, mirrored lakes and snow-capped mountains. Iceland is truly a land of legend.

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