Cruises to Iceland

A cruise around Iceland brings opportunities to explore a one-of-a-kind destination. Almost every view that awaits in Iceland could be a scene from a film set on another planet, and what better way to see it all than from a Cunard Queen?

Iceland cruises 2023 and 2024

Choose Iceland for your cruise destination and be met with a land of utter wonderment. Learn something new about Icelandic history with a voyage to this part of the world bringing untold experiences and plenty of memories waiting to be made.

Iceland ports and routes

Among the ports to visit on a cruise to Iceland are Isafjordur, Reykjavik, Grundarfjorder, Akureyri, Eyafjordur, Heimaey, and Hrisey. Take in the labyrinth of fjords and waterways that comprise Iceland’s Westfjords, in Isafjordur, and in Akureyri, discover nature untamed, including bubbling mud pools, as well as a glimpse into Viking history.


Widely thought of as Iceland’s northern capital, Akureyri is located at the southern end of Eyafjordur. This photogenic part of the world brings with it unforgettable visions of cascading waterfalls, looming mountains, and perhaps, if you’re really lucky, the elusive Northern Lights.

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Eyjafjordur (cruise by)

Eyafjordur, in north Iceland, brings almost 50 miles of peaceful waters lined with postcard-worthy shores. Take in views of towering mountains, parted only by the occasional quaint village, and search for different birds overhead, and perhaps whales and dolphins in the waters that surround you.

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Jagged cliff sides. Varied birdlife. A rich Viking history. The tiny island of Hrisey, in Iceland’s northern waters, brings with it plenty of character. Sail past rich green plains, and a shore peppered with quaint and colourful homes, and enjoy time at an altogether slower pace.

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Enter a world where time seems to stand still, where acres and acres of land seem only to bring more postcard-perfect scenery. Gaze up at striking mountains, keep an eye out for elusive wildlife, and perhaps ponder the lives of the Vikings who once roamed here.

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Iceland’s captivating capital brings an extraordinary blend of striking, manmade architecture and unspoiled natural scenery. Explore the vibrant city streets, or perhaps venture a little further out, to iconic Icelandic highlights including the Blue Lagoon, and the wonders within the Golden Circle.

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Iceland cruises from Southampton

Start your Icelandic adventure in Southampton, taking out any unnecessary stress that comes with airport travel. Be met with the warm smiles of helpful bellhops, there to make sure the beginning of your voyage is as seamless as possible. Whether you choose to settle into your stateroom, or you’d prefer to explore the decks straight away, let the sense of relaxation and joy wash over you.

Why Cunard?

A holiday with Cunard means a chance to escape it all. Discover something new. Whether it’s a dish you’ve never tried before, a glimpse into the culture of a destination you’ve never seen, or maybe an exciting, immersive piece of on board theatre you’ve never imagined watching, a Cunard voyage is full of surprises.

Our centuries of seafaring history mean we have the knowledge and expertise needed to make every voyage the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you're exploring the daytime or nighttime activities of our Queens to basking in the vast wonders of Iceland, join us and discover Iceland in style, spending each day exactly as you wish.

Sail with our Queens

Late nights and leisurely lie-ins. Days filled with inspiring Insight talks, games, and workshops. Opportunities to treasure some you-time. On a Cunard Queen, time is yours to spend exactly as you wish, whether that means embracing every tempting activity on board, or it means finding a cosy nook on deck in which to simply relax.

Queen Mary 2

A full-scale planetarium, 3D cinema, swimming pools, and inviting spa are just a handful of the spaces you might be drawn to on Queen Mary 2. Enjoy your voyage however you wish.

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Queen Victoria

Late nights and leisurely lie-ins. Days filled with inspiring Insight talks, games, and workshops. Opportunities to treasure some you-time. On Queen Victoria, time is yours to spend exactly as you wish.

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Queen Anne

On a Queen Anne voyage, be inspired by the blend of classic and contemporary. You’ll find opportunities to treasure your time in any way you like and indulge in what makes a Cunard ship so special. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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