Today we started counting down the 365 days we have left until her arrival, as we celebrate one year until she sets sail on her maiden voyage to Lisbon, on 3 May 2024. The countdown begins on an important day in the progression of her build, the float out. This is when the whole ship officially touches water for the very first time. At this ceremony that’s steeped in tradition, Queen Anne received blessings and best wishes as we celebrated the flow of water into the ship’s dry dock. Learn more about the event, and stay in the know about all things Queen Anne, thanks to the one-of-a-kind insights provided by her captain. 


Captain Inger Klein Thorhauge, Marco Lunardi, shipyard Director, Roberta Mundula and Sture Myrmell, Carnival UK President in front of the newest ship, Queen Anne, at the Fincantieri Marghera shipyard in Venice, Italy.

Today, the world’s most iconic luxury cruise brand celebrated a momentous construction milestone with the float out of their fourth ship 

The 249th ship to sail under the Cunard flag, Queen Anne, officially touched water for the first time exactly 365 days before she will set sail on her maiden voyage to Lisbon on 3 May 2024.

Roberta Mundula released the bottle onto the ship as a thank-you for her 30 years of service with the Italian ship builders, Fincantieri.

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Picture date Wednesday 3rd May, 2023.
Picture by Christopher Ison. Contact +447544 044177

3 May saw another momentous occasion in the construction of Queen Anne, the float out, when she touched water for the very first time. This happened precisely 365 days before Queen Anne is due to set sail on her maiden voyage to Lisbon, on 3 May 2024.


At the float out ceremony, we celebrated the flow of water into the ship’s dry dock, and now find ourselves even more easily picturing life on board our newest ship, as she sails the four corners of the world. 


Carnival UK President, Sture Myrmell, said: “The float out ceremony marks the ship’s transition from her building dock to where she truly belongs – in the water. Today marks a significant moment for Queen Anne as we recognise the dedication by the master ship builders at Fincantieri to build a ship that reinforces our position as a world-famous luxury brand.”

Queen Anne's Journey