Misty Fjord, AK, USA cruises

This little spot nestled on the southern tip of Alaska, close to the Canadian border, emanates natural beauty at every turn.

Misty Fjords port guide.

Misty Fjords can only be described as a true haven of calm. As you sail the glasslike waters, gaze out at looming mountains, rolling green hills, sparkling waterfalls, and of course, acres and acres of forest.

Part of the Tongass National Forest, Misty Fjords National Monument is a protected area of wilderness. As well as remarkable scenery, it’s home to an abundance of wildlife from orcas and seals in the water, to brown bears and wolves on land.

Top landmarks and sights in Misty Fjords.  

Scottish-American explorer John Muir once described Misty Fjords as one of the most beautiful places he’d ever seen. Whether you agree with him or not, a sail-by in this part of the world will certainly leave you with a sense of tranquillity, and appreciation for the surrounding landscape. At every turn be met with postcard-perfect views of pine trees, mountains, waterfalls, or glaciers, all perfectly complimented by the vision of calm fjord waters in the foreground.

As you sail, as well as taking in the natural landscape, you could also sight a range of different wildlife. Keep an eye out for Alaska salmon, otters, seals, sea lions, porpoises, and even orca whales in the water, swans, herons, and puffins closer to the shore, and black-legged kittiwakes, hummingbirds, and bald eagles overhead. Be sure to watch the views inland too, and perhaps spot moose, mountain goats, wolverines, wolves, martens, or even the more elusive brown bears and black bears.

Things to do in Misty Fjords.

During a sail-by in Misty Fjords you may find you simply wish to find a cosy nook out on deck -perhaps wrapped in a blanket with a hot chocolate in hand - and lose yourself in the surrounding views. This part of your voyage could well end up begin your favourite, as you’re given the gift of time and there’s no where you’re expected to be and nothing you’re expected to do.

For a slightly more involved experience, keep your eyes peeled for all manner of wildlife with your camera or phone in hand, ready to capture all the different creatures you spot. If you’ve brought binoculars along, even better. While it’s unlikely that you won’t see any animals, whether on land, in the water, or in the skies above, if you are unlucky the perfect Alaska landscape that surrounds you will certainly be photo worthy.

While in Misty Fjords, you may wish to learn a little more about this part of the world. Why not head to the library on board, where you’ll find a wonderful range of books that can educate you about Alaska’s culture, history, and wildlife? Or you could choose a novel to get lost in while you sail these peaceful waters.

Misty Fjords culture and history.

The 2,200,000 million acres of land that make up the Misty Fjords National Monument were given protection as a parkland in 1978, when then President Jimmy Carter declared it such under the Antiquities Act. Two years later, the area was reduced to 2,142,243 acres, and the land became designated as Misty Fjords National Monument Wilderness.

Historically Misty Fjords, as part of the larger Tongass National Forest, is believed to have been home to the Tlinglit, Haida, and Tsimshian people of Alaska. It’s not thought that Europeans visited the land until the late 18th century, when British explorer George Vancouver arrived here. Sailing the Behm Canal area, George Vancouver also came across New Eddystone Rock, a remarkable tiny island made of a 237-foot-high pillar of basalt.

You’ll pass Misty Fjords on an Alaska voyage, either en route to or from Ketchikan. Throughout this entire region, ponder the lives and culture of the native peoples who have lived here for millennia.

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The weather in Misty Fjords, and indeed throughout the southwest tip of Alaska, stays fairly cold. The warmest time of year is July when temperatures reach around 18 degrees Celsius. The coldest, on the other hand, is January when you can expect around 0 degrees Celsius.