Lyme Bay Scenic Cruising, United Kingdom cruises

A highlight of England’s Jurassic Coast, Lyme Bay is known for its fossil discoveries and houses one of the densest sunset coral populations in the region.

On the land.

From the Isle of Portland in the east to Start Bay in the west, the coastline of Lyme Bay spans 65 kilometres and includes sandy beaches, rocky cliffsides and picturesque seaside villages. From the ocean, you can see the area around Lyme Regis, where 12-year-old Mary Anning discovered the first complete ichthyosaur in the 1820s. Many other notable finds were unearthed in this part of the world, earning it the name Jurassic Coast.

Below the waves.

The cold waters of the north meet the warmer waters from the south in this bay, making it habitable by both cold and warm water species. Under the waves, coral reefs spread across the bay, including sunset cup coral and pink sea fan. From the deck, you may see white-beaked, bottlenose or common dolphins, and the harbor porpoise is sometimes spotted too.

In the sky.

The clifftops make perfect homes for a variety of seabirds, including Great Skuas, gannets, fulmars and turnstones, as well as nesting birds such as puffins. Rarer sightings of Manx and Balearic shearwater are also possible here, as the birds paddle on the waves and dive for food.