Isles of Scilly Scenic Cruising, United Kingdom cruises

This archipelago is a stunning sight from sea. Pink and grey granite pillars stand in the waves, purple and yellow heath covers the clifftops and rare birds make their homes along the coastlines.

On the land.

Azure waters, green meadows and granite cliffs make these islands a stunning sight to view from the sea. Spot the Garrison Walls on St Mary’s, an ancient coastal defence system with a history of almost 400 years, and view the lighthouse and unique shapes of the cliffs around Peninnis Head. On St Agnes see the short round tower of Cromwell’s Castle, and of course view the many stunning sandy beaches the islands have to offer.

Below the waves.

The waters around the Isles of Scilly are fed with nutrients carried from the Atlantic, making them a perfect place for a vibrant marine population. Looking down into the unusually clear waters, visitors may see forests of kelp beneath the surface. One of Europe’s largest breeding populations of Atlantic Grey seal resides among the islands: these playful creatures often come out to sea to feed. Incredibly, leatherback turtles are also seen in these parts, and ocean sunfish as they bask near the surface in the warmer months. Keep your eyes on the water, and you may be surprised.

In the sky.

Rare seabirds, including the Manx shearwater, can be spotted along the coastlines here, as well as gannets, shags, oystercatchers and fulmars, among many others. April sees the arrival of breeding puffins: they make their nests on the clifftops and stay until July. One of the most special birds is the song thrush: it’s extremely rare on the mainland, but here the population is twelve times as high, and hearing their song is a goal for many ornithologists.