Hardangerfjord, Norway cruises

Thundering waterfalls spilling into swirling waters. Granite mountains dusted with snow or the seasonal blossom of fruit trees. Towering gulleys, moulded over millennia by ice, wind, and water. A Hardangerfjord cruise-by is a chance to feast your eyes on unforgettable Norwegian nature, whist your Cunard ship glides gracefully through the millpond waters of one of the world’s longest fjords. 

Perhaps you’ll spy a mountain farm, nestled among the mountain trails. Or a lone kayaker out for a leisurely paddle amongst the quiet serenity of the mountain scenery. Whether you choose to drink in the views from your ship’s expansive deck or retire to privacy of your own stateroom balcony, the striking contrasts of this ‘Queen of Fjords’ are sure to find a forever home in your memory.