Bali, Indonesia cruises

Bali is a vision of ethereal beauty, where ribbons of pale sand unravel along an azure sea, emerald rice terraces and stone-carved temples pierce the landscape and Hindu gods inspire human creativity.

Your guide to Bali.

The Indonesian island of Bali delights visitors with its white sandy beaches, vibrant rice paddies and sacred Hindu temples. From Tanjung Benoa, where your Bali cruise calls, it’s just a short drive to the fishing port of Jimbaran Bay or the sublime beaches of upmarket Nusa Dua. Enjoying a warm year-round climate, Bali is a popular retreat for surfers, stand-up paddle boarders and reef divers. While those who prefer to relax find themselves quickly unwinding in this spiritual land where serenity seems to infuse the air. Savour freshly barbequed seafood while looking out to sea and delight in the opportunity to slow down and just be.


Whether you’re seeking rest and relaxation, authentic Southeast Asian cuisine or action and adventure, you’ll find it in Bali. Cruises call at Tanjung Benoa on the south of the island, an area known for its excellent water sports. You’ll find everything from jet skiing and parasailing to snorkelling on offer, with the waters around Tanjung Benoa both pleasantly warm and calm. If high-adrenaline activities don’t appeal, a glass-bottomed boat ride will give you a look at local marine life without getting wet, while the temples of Pura Dalem Ning and Pura Taman Beji offer a serene insight into the spiritual side of Balinese culture.

Eating and drinking.

Eating out is a highlight in this part of the world and Bali isn’t short on options. You’ll encounter a blend of sleek hotels, casual cafés and vibrant food markets from which to enjoy lunch in the heady Indonesian sun. For the former, the beach resort of Nusa Dua is your best bet. Here you’ll find some of the most high-end dining experiences on the island but you’ll experience a more typically Balinese meal if you venture to Jimbaran Bay where fresh catch is cooked up straight from the sea. You’ll find many native islanders tucking in at the makeshift restaurants lining the sand, while sparkling sea views are yours to savour as you eat.  


Intricate beaded jewellery, colourful Ikat textiles and Bali’s famous Kopi Luwack coffee are among the keepsakes you can find on a port call to Tanjung Benoa. In both Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa the majority of gift shops are within hotels, but Jimbaran Bay offers the chance to peruse local shops and markets, where prices are generally cheaper. Bali’s distinctly flavoured Kopi Luwack coffee – the most expensive coffee in the world - is a popular island purchase, while beauty products made from native fauna, and fragrant Balinese incense, also offer an invigorating reminder of your travels.   

Beyond Tanjung Benoa.

Calling at Tanjung Benoa means you’re just minutes away from the white sands of Nusa Dua, one of Bali’s most premium beach resorts. A favourite destination for beachgoers looking for peace and tranquillity, Nusa Dua’s fine sands offer a slice of paradise, perfect if you want to kick back and soak up the sun. Also a short excursion from port is Jimbaran Bay, a fishing town where fresh catch is barbequed on the beach and colourful boats decorate the water. The town offers a more authentic feel than the glossy hotels of Nusa Dua, while its seafood is some of the best on the island.