Pacific Coastal cruises.

Whether it's a short break or part of a longer adventure to Alaska, Central America or beyond, a Cunard voyage along the west coast of America is the perfect escape.

Our top Pacific Coast cruises.

Our Pacific Coast cruises range from shorter voyages of 3-5 nights along the California coast to longer voyages. Head northwards to the Alaskan wilderness, or journey south towards Central America, and transit the world-famous Panama Canal.

Cruise departures from the Pacific Coast.

Whether you sail from Vancouver, San Francisco or Los Angeles, every departure port has its own sights to see and atmosphere to take in.

Cruises from Los Angeles.

The iconic and inimitable City of Angels; home to beach life, film stars, palm trees, Hollywood and non-stop excitement. There’s no shortage of iconic views to tick off the list before your Cunard voyage.

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Cruises from Vancouver.

Vancouver’s mass appeal knows no bounds. Surrounded by sea, verdant countryside and mountain peaks, this city is much more than a starting point for Cunard's Alaska cruise routes.

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Cruises from San Francisco.

San Francisco’s hilly streets offer striking glimpses of its famous bay below. Discover fantastic food, local wines and glorious views in this vibrant metropolis where springtime lasts year-round.

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Short cruises along the Pacific Coast.

More USA and Canada cruises.

The Pacific Coast is just one of many treasures North America has to offer. Cunard are proud operators of the famous Transatlantic Crossing between New York and Southampton, and several itineraries even visit Halifax, the birthplace of Cunard itself. Plus, every year Queen Elizabeth visits Alaska for a very special season, with a myriad of treats both on board and on shore.