User Generated Content Privacy Policy

Carnival UK’s social media team monitor social media activity for content associated with our brands.  We become aware of publicly available posts through branded and non-branded hashtags, for example but not limited to #Cunard #CunardDreams #CunardQueenVictoria #CunardQueenMary2 #CunardQueenElizabeth #CunardCruises

We like to work with our guests to share their memories from their time on board, and if you are reading this, we have probably reached out to you as a social media user to seek your permission to potentially feature your user generated content in our internal and external marketing, promotional materials, paid media, websites, printed collateral and social channels.

If you are surprised that we found your post, it may be because your account or posts are set to be public rather than private.  If you do not wish for your social media posts to be public, please check and amend your privacy settings on your social media account.

Where you submit content and any associated personal information made available through your social media account e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat or TikTok, Carnival UK will process the associated personal information in order to:

  • select photos, text, images, graphics or video;
  • contact you as a social media user to obtain copyright consent for Carnival UK use of your content; and, where permission is granted under the terms and conditions,
  • use the content for advertising and marketing purposes, for example, internal and external marketing and promotional materials, paid media, websites, printed collateral and social channels.


The personal data collected will not be used for any other purpose.  For the purposes outlined above, personal data will be processed under the lawful basis of entering into and the performance of a contract.  Where necessary, Carnival UK will share personal information provided by a user with other Carnival plc group companies and our contracted commercial partners, including those outside of the UK and EU, and will use appropriate safeguards when we do so. For more information on how your data will be processed, please see Carnival UK’s privacy notice at