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Indulge in expertly curated cuisine at one of Queen Anne’s alternative restaurants.

For an extra special evening, instead of dining at your main restaurant consider booking a table at one of the alternative options on board. From Mediterranean flavours and tastes of Japan, to a flagship steakhouse and grill, Queen Anne offers an exciting array of cuisines to cater to the tastebuds of all guests. In every restaurant find the impeccable White Star Service that Cunard is known for, a warm and welcoming ambience, and choose dishes from menus that feature the finest ingredients from around the globe.

Gluten free and vegetarian dishes are available. If you have any food allergies or other dietary requirements, please inform us by phone after booking your voyage. Find out more about dietary requirements on board.


The golden glint of olive oil. The salty tang of the sea. The sweetness of ripe tomato. Close your eyes and find yourself spirited away to seductive summer nights in the likes of Sicily, Sardinia, and Seville at Queen Anne’s evening-only dining experience, Tramonto.

Inspired by fresh Mediterranean flavours, with a sprinkling of African and Arabic influences, Tramonto offers simple and authentic dishes that pay homage to Europe’s sunshine region.

With sun-soaked flavours and sparkling sea views, wherever you are in the world, Tramonto will bring the sunshine to you.

Aji Wa

Aji Wa, meaning ‘harmony of flavours,’ combines the signature tastes of Japan with the artistry of skilled chefs for a truly authentic dining experience. Menus evolve across the year to reflect the seasonality of ingredients and Queen Anne’s location. Where you choose to sit (and the time of day you visit) will also influence how your experience unfolds.

Choose a table in the main restaurant, savouring fluffy bao buns, pan-fried gyozas, and feather-light tempura. Fill up on freshly pressed sushi rolls and finely sliced sashimi at the sit-up sushi bar. Or indulge in delicately seared Wagyu beef from the yakitori grill, perhaps with a sake or a signature Aji Wa cocktail. In the evening, you can let our chefs surprise you with a sublime Omakase set menu.

Sir Samuel's

Paying homage to Cunard’s founder, Sir Samuel’s is a culinary coupling of land and ocean, where nothing (least of all the ingredients) comes as standard.

The most succulent steaks; subtly smoked and served with your choice of knife. Fruit de mer platters infused with all the flavours of the sea. Irresistible Dover sole delicately deboned at your table. These are the signature tastes Sir Samuel’s invites you to indulge in.

Everything here is best in class, selected for its sustainability and its provenance. You’ll find the menu as well travelled as our ships, with prime cuts from around the world, expertly dry-aged in perfect temperature-controlled chambers.


Designed to delight and surprise, Aranya (meaning forest or wilderness in Sanskrit) will take you on a sensory tour of the Indian subcontinent with playful interpretations of classic Indian cuisine.

Where you choose to take your taste buds to is up to you, be it the sprawling bazaars of Delhi, the lush green pastures of Kerala, or perhaps the golden sands of Goa. At Aranya, every evening is a new adventure and you’re at the helm.

Warm papadams dipped into fruity chutneys. Fluffy rice, perfumed with fragrant cardamon. Delicately spiced sauces that flood your palate with flavour. Whatever you choose, quintessential Indian flavours are creatively reimagined with an original Aranya twist.

The Golden Lion

‘Proper’ pints served straight from the tap. Bloody Marys as red as our ship’s funnels. If the day calls for classic pub fare, look no further than Queen Anne’s Golden Lion.

The menu – designed by two Michelin starred chef Michel Roux – offers a fresh take on pub classics, while the drinks selection boasts an ever-changing line-up of ales (including three Cunard exclusives) and wines from around the world.

In this stylish yet casual watering hole, there’s no need to dress up nor book in advance. Even on Gala Evenings, relaxed dress is welcome. Simply turn up and slide into a leather banquette, pull up a stool at the bar, or take a seat by the stage for a prime view of the live entertainment.

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