Oceans of discovery.

Oceans of Discovery, by Cunard.
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Most of the greatest places on Earth were discovered by crossing the oceans, which is why it remains one of the most evocative ways to travel today. As the pioneer of luxury seafaring, Cunard invites you to discover a wealth of fascinating shores with three distinct types of voyage.

  • Grand Voyages, by Cunard.

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    Explore legendary sailing routes to historic and exotic destinations. With more days at sea, you are afforded the greater luxury of time to discover the peace and possibilities.

  • Regions of the World, by Cunard.

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    These voyages encompass vast areas of natural beauty and human wonder. Cunard is proud to present some of the highlights across Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South America.

  • The World Voyage, by Cunard.

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    The ultimate seabound adventure: whether our signature full circumnavigation of the globe, or an extended journey to countless exotic shores.

  • Overnight stays, iconic cities.

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    Seize the opportunity to experience after-hours shows and attractions in unforgettable world-class cities - Auckland, Singapore, Shanghai, Lima, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Hong Kong, Haifa, Buenos Aires and Cape Town.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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    In 2020, Cunard's three Queens will visit 73 UNESCO World Heritage Sites - classified landmarks of special cultural or physical significance, which symbolise remarkable footprints of extreme human endeavour.

  • Ten maiden calls.

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    In 2020 the most famous Ocean Liners in the world will call at 123 destinations in 48 different countries, including ten maiden calls for our current fleet.

  • Evenings in port.

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    We offer a number of late evening departures to allow you time to explore at leisure - offering you the opportunity to enjoy dinner ashore or take a special evening tour.

  • Extend your stay.

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    Any Oceans of Discovery cruise which begins or ends overseas opens the door to even more discoveries, thanks to our range of optional pre- and post-cruise land tours and hotels.

Discover South America, by Cunard.

  • Discover South America voyages

    In 2020, Queen Victoria circumnavigates South America on a 78-night adventure, visiting 24 ports in 14 countries. Her itinerary includes a maiden call to San Juan in Puerto Rico, overnights in Manaus, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Callao, the chance to discover the scenery of Cape Horn and Chile’s Fjords, as well as an incredible Panama Canal transit.

Queen Elizabeth in 2019 and 2020.

  • Deeper, richer, more ambitious itineraries.

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    Queen Elizabeth invites you on your choice of Grand Voyage or tour around Australasia, with an extended period around Australia, New Zealand and Japan before crossing the Pacific to Alaska. As well as visiting iconic, world-class cities her routes will explore smaller, lesser-known yet equally delightful destinations that will capture the imagination and spirit of adventure.

  • The World Voyage, by Cunard.
  • Sail in impeccable style to the wonders of the world. Queen Mary 2's World Voyage in 2020 will present you with a collection of amazing destinations, from bustling metropolises to tiny remote villages. Spread halfway around the globe and across four continents, she'll call at 38 different ports in 28 countries, giving you access to no less than 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, there will be overnight stays in Haifa, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, with three full days in Cape Town, giving you more time to explore ashore. Whitsunday Islands, Australia Discover more
  • One of life’s greatest travel adventures. Available for embarkation as a 113-night round trip from New York or as a 99-night round trip from Southampton, the World Voyage begins by sailing the Mediterranean Sea, then heading to the Arabian Gulf via the Suez Canal and across the Indian Ocean, entering Asia via the Malacca Straits. From there Queen Mary 2 will head north via Vietnam to Hong Kong before heading south to Australia. The final leg of the voyage is the return from Australia, which is routed via South Africa. Mauritius Discover more
  • Time on board to relax. The days between your discoveries ashore are just as rewarding, thanks to the myriad of possibilities on board Queen Mary 2. You can as easily socialise at glamorous events as escape to the sanctuary of quiet spaces, meet like-minded fellow enthusiasts of your favourite hobby, or find solace to follow your pursuits. Hot stone massage in the spa Discover more
  • Grand Voyages, by Cunard.
  • Retrace legendary ocean liner routes. Grand voyages have sailed from Southampton for centuries. Now it’s your turn to write history as you embark on a journey of discovery through beauty, culture, and wonder. Each of these routes has been curated to offer you more inspiring explorations ashore as well as more enriching days at sea. Venice Discover more
  • Arrive with a new perspective. There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you discover a new destination - when you step ashore for the first time. Approach by sea to explore some of the greatest destinations and cultures on earth - from the Namib Desert's stark beauty, to eclectic Singapore, to the opulence of Arabia, or historic ancient Athens. Athens Discover more
  • Discover the peace and possibilities. With more sea days, discover the myriad delights and diversions on board and meet or retreat from fellow voyagers as you please, enjoying the majestic sense of space and freedom aboard your ship. Meeting like-minded people is one of the delights of your cruise Discover more
  • Regions of the World, by Cunard.
  • A world that revolves around you. Slightly shorter in duration and with more ports of call, Regions of the World cruises can be combined in various ways to create your ideal travel experience, to and from the city of your choice. Tour Africa & the Indian Ocean, Australia & New Zealand, Asia and South America. Couple exploring port of call Discover more
  • Culturally rich, scenically stunning. In addition to visiting landmark cities, you'll explore smaller, less well-known yet equally delightful destinations in a series of voyages designed to capture the imagination and spirit of adventure in travel-lovers around the world. Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, Japan Discover more
  • Timing is everything. We believe pacing oneself on holiday is crucial, with just the right balance of time spent on board and ashore. Wherever possible, we have a sea day immediately after you join us and the day before you disembark, so you’re always refreshed for the diversions to come. Running on deck Discover more

Overnight stays.

  • Sydney, Australia.

    Make the most of a stop in lively Sydney with its fabulous restaurants and nightlife - perhaps enjoy an evening opera performance at the world famous Sydney Opera House?

  • Lima (tours from Callao), Peru.

    Foodies will love exploring Lima's exciting gastronomic scene, from Andean culinary traditions to experimental restaurants that have attracted food critics' praise internationally.

  • Singapore.

    Singapore's City in the Garden is set amongst leafy parks and futuristic architecture. There are also countless historic attractions awaiting discovery — legacies of its rich colonial past.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Discover 73 sites of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.

    • Statue of Liberty

      Statue of Liberty, USA.

      Sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and engineered by Gustave Eiffel, the Statue was a gift from France in 1886 to help celebrate the centenary of American Independence. Cruises visiting New York
    • Bahá’i Gardens, leading up to Bahá’i holy place the Shrine of the Báb

      Haifa, Israel.

      A stop in Haifa invites you to explore the birthplace of Christianity in Nazareth, Galilee and Jerusalem, as well as the Bahá’i Hanging Gardens, leading up to the Bahá’i Shrine of the Báb. Cruises visiting Haifa
    • The Treasury, Petra

      Petra, Jordan.

      Famously described as the rose-red city half as old as time, this UNESCO world heritage site is a must see. The mysterious city of Petra is concealed by craggy encircling mountains. From this natural fortress, the Nabateans commanded the trade routes from Arabia and the East, until the Romans conquered them in 106 AD. Cruises visiting Petra (from Aqaba)
    • Tower of Belém, Portugal

      Tower of Belém, Portugal.

      Defending the port of Lisbon, the Tower of Belém was also built to commemorate the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama, the first European to reach India by sea. Along with the nearby Monastery of the Hieronymites, the Tower symbolises the pioneering role the Portuguese had in creating dialogue between cultures. Cruises visiting Lisbon
    • Pompeii, Italy

      Pompeii, Italy.

      Buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79, twenty feet of ashes and pumice stone covered Pompeii for almost 1,700 years. The baths and the theatres, the wrestling ground and the luxurious villas stand empty, yet there are many echoes of Pompeii's daily life; the wine jars are still set on the counter of the wine shop, the stepping stones are there to help you cross the street in the rainy season, and the mosaic floors and brilliant frescoes are a wonder to this very day. Cruises visiting Naples
    • Sydney Opera House

      Sydney Opera House, Australia.

      Enjoy an evening opera performance at the world famous Sydney Opera House. Cruises visiting Sydney
    • Milford Sound, New Zealand

      Te Wähipounamu, New Zealand.

      Encompassing Milford Sound, extending over 270 miles inland from the Tasman Sea, the park's dramatic landscape was sculpted by the pressure of the Earth's tectonic plates, then carved by the movement of glaciers that descended into temperate rainforest. The kea - the world's only alpine parrot - and many other unique species of flora and fauna have been protected by the isolation of this pristine habitat. Cruises visiting Milford Sound
    • Morne Trois Pitons, Dominica

      Morne Trois Pitons, Dominica.

      Dominica's National Park is home to the richest biodiversity in the Lesser Antilles. This volcanic region covers diverse habitats incorporating hot springs, freshwater lakes, lush valleys and steep mountainside tropical forests. Cruises visiting Dominica
    • Namib Sand Sea

      Namib Sand Sea, Namibia.

      The world's only coastal desert, the Namib is one of the oldest deserts in the world, home to the world's highest-shifting sand dunes and adorned with a kaleidoscope of vivid colours. Cruises visiting Walvis Bay
    • Great Barrier Reef, Australia

      Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

      Off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, the 1,430 mile-long ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef encompasses the world's largest collection of coral. Cruises visiting Airlie Beach
    • Sri Lanka central highlands

      Central Highlands, Sri Lanka.

      Sri Lanka's Highlands comprise the Peak Wilderness Protected Area, the Horton Plains National Park and the Knuckles Conservation Forest. The forests are home to an extraordinary range of flora and fauna, including several endangered species. Cruises visiting Colombo
    • Pink flowers in full bloom at sunset, Eastern Cape.

      Cape Floral Region, South Africa.

      One of the world’s great centres of terrestrial biodiversity, the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas contribute a significant number of endemic flowering plants unique to this habitat. Cruises visiting Cape Town

Featured maiden calls.

  • Cairns, Australia.

    Discover Cairns

    Laid-back Cairns is your gateway to the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, a spectacular location for snorkelling and diving among kaleidoscopic marine life and coral.

  • Shimizu, Japan.

    Discover Shimizu

    Shimizu is a bustling modern port with ancient roots and many a revered shrine to visit. You’ll no doubt find your gaze repeatedly drawn to the beautiful snow-capped cone of nearby Mount Fuji.

  • Conflict Islands, New Guinea.

    Discover Conflict Islands

    Part of an atoll, this dusting of 21 islands are found off the east coast of New Guinea, bearing a name at odds with the sense of serenity and relaxation that accompanies their stunning natural beauty.

View all maiden calls.

  • Cairns, Australia
  • Esperance, Australia
  • Fukuoka, Japan
  • Maizuru, Japan
  • Miyazaki (tours from Aburutsu), Japan
  • Otaru, Japan
  • Shimizu, Japan
  • Conflict Islands, Papua New Guinea
  • Kiriwina, Papua New Guinea
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (tours from Korsakov), Russian Federation.
  • Early Booking Benefits.

    Reserve your 2020 Full World Voyage of 99 nights or longer to receive up to $3,000 in Onboard Credit† per stateroom and more or reserve your 2020 Grand Voyage or Regions by Cunard Voyage ranging from 25 to 88 nights and receive up to $1,500 in Onboard Credit per stateroom^. Expires Nov 30, 2018.
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  • CompleteAir programme.

    Make it a truly relaxing vacation by letting Cunard handle all the details of your flights. Our Cunard CompleteAir programme is designed to seamlessly coordinate your air travel with your cruise itinerary.
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Longer in port.

  • Late evening departures.

    Several late evening port departures allow you to explore at your leisure, enjoy dinner ashore or perhaps take a special evening tour.

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  • Hotel packages.

    You’ll find a selection of hotels in some incredible cities. Each one has a four-star or five-star rating and has been chosen for its location within the city. All of our hotel packages include accommodation, breakfast, group transfers between the airport, ship and hotel, local taxes and service charges, luggage porterage and the services of a local Cunard representative.

  • Land tours.

    Bring famous cities and landscapes to life. See the highlights easily with expert local guides. All of our land packages include breakfast, group transfers between the airport, ship and hotel, local taxes and service charges, luggage porterage and the services of a local representative.