British Isles and Northern Europe Cruises

A British Isles cruise offer a unique way to explore and contrast the home nations, whose rugged coastlines embrace historic ports. Often these itineraries include visits to our closest European neighbours to create fascinating discoveries in Cunard luxury.


Cruises around the British Isles often feature the history and royalty of Edinburgh, Glasgow’s grand industrial architecture, Belfast’s links with the sea and ever-captivating Dublin. Cruises to the continent may reveal the canals and museums of Amsterdam, France’s enduring appeal, the chocolate box charm of Bruges, and Germany – not least Hamburg, a scenic city on water that’s home to more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined.


Thanks to centuries of migration, trade and invasion, many common traits extend between the countries of the British Isles and Northern Europe. Today, there is even a continent-wide identity, stemming from the European Union. Yet while languages and customs overlap, they also differ greatly. Nothing reveals these subtle differences like a British Isles cruise or a northern European cruise, when you awake in a new place to explore almost every morning.


Despite being close neighbours, each country in North West Europe has its own attitude, distinctive traits and a rich culture – which is evident in its buildings, its music and its arts. Of course, you’ll notice some similarities, yet what it is most fascinating is to see how nationalities in such close proximity have so proudly held on to their own culture.


The cuisine of the British Isles and North West Europe reflects the variety of cultures that can also be found. This extends from the staples of roast beef and fish and chips in England, and neeps and tatties in Scotland, to the artistry of French cuisine and the heartier stews and cooked meats of the more northerly European countries.

  • Copenhagen's Tivoli gardens
  • Dublin streets
  • Dublin City Tour
  • Edinburgh hills
  • Amsterdam at night
  • Fall in love with Paris


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British Isles & North West Europe

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British Isles and Northern Europe Cruises