Queen Mary 2 itineraries 2022.

Discover the breadth of destinations Queen Mary 2 calls at in 2022. See celebrated sights and extraordinary feats of nature, and savour relaxing days at sea in sumptuous surroundings.

Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic itineraries 2022.

Experience true ocean travel in 2022 as you sail the Atlantic towards new adventures. Immerse yourself in the romance of a world at sea with music, fine dining, dancing and theatre.

Queen Mary 2 Northern Lights cruise itineraries 2022.

Savour the anticipation of witnessing nature’s most spectacular light show, the aurora borealis, from the spacious deck of Queen Mary 2. Prepare to witness a sky streaked with colour with the majestic Norwegian fjords as your backdrop.

Queen Mary 2 World Voyage cruise itineraries 2022.

An eastbound Transatlantic Crossing. Heading south through the historic and sunny Mediterranean. Sailing through the famous Suez Canal. Encountering Middle Eastern delights before sailing along the south coast of Asia. Experiencing futuristic cities Hong Kong and Singapore. Journeying around Australia. And all the way back again. Enjoy it in full or choose your favourite section of this fantastic, iconic, world voyage.