Our ships seek out a stunning array of places the world over. Here are the areas you can explore with us during your celebration at sea.

Imagine the moment. You’re already unpacked. Settled in. You’ve hosted your memorable celebration and are looking forward to the days and weeks ahead. Maybe you’ve chosen a week-long Mediterranean voyage, or perhaps you’re sailing further afield to the white sandy shores of the Caribbean, or the South Pacific. No matter where you go, you’ll no doubt make all kinds of special memories to fill this next chapter. Discover all the different destinations you can visit with Cunard.


The Mediterranean is the perfect all-seasons destination, sure to inspire, delight and captivate, whatever the weather. Discover world-class art, masterful gastronomy and celebrated architecture.



Known for their natural beauty and warm climate, the Caribbean islands offer a blend of culinary and cultural influences from island to island, and a friendly atmosphere enjoyed all year round.


South Pacific

It's hard to imagine a more beautiful place than the South Pacific islands, where tropical rainforests and soaring mountains surround white sand beaches and glistening water.


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For an event that won’t soon be forgotten, choose Cunard

Champagne served by white-gloved waiters, flowers, fine dining. It’s all yours as standard at your celebration at sea with Cunard.

Weddings and commitment ceremonies

With more than a century’s worth of love stories, where better than a Cunard Queen to begin married life?


Renewal of vows

No matter how long you have been married, a Cunard voyage offers a wonderful opportunity to renew your vows.



Mark the start of a new adventure on a voyage like no other, on board a Cunard Queen.



Whether you’ll be joining a Cunard Queen to celebrate yourself, a loved one, or you know some special guests who are, why not add to the occasion with a thoughtful gift?


Celebration food

Savour every mouthful as you dine against a backdrop like no other: seas that glisten beneath the sun during the day and twinkle when the moon shines in the evening.


Finishing touches

No two Cunard celebrations are the same. Make your day as unique as you with the help of your Cunard Ceremonies Specialist.


Your voyage

Sunset strolls on deck. Laidback days by the pool. Evenings filled with fine dining and unforgettable entertainment. This is what dreams are made of.