Vaccination and testing requirements for your voyage.

To see whether your voyage has standard or additional requirements, please check the lists below.

Correct as of December 14, 2022.

Please note, we have only categorized voyages departing up to and including March 1, 2023 on Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, and voyages departing up to and including March 21, 2023 on Queen Mary 2.

The vaccination and testing policy for voyages departing after these dates will be published in due course. Although it may change, it is our intention that voyages from April 23 onwards on-board Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 and voyages from June 8 on board Queen Elizabeth will not require guests to be vaccinated unless there are specific country or voyage requirements in place at the time of sailing.

Voyages with standard requirements.

Voyage code Departure date Ship
M240 15-Dec-22 Queen Mary 2
M240A 15-Dec-22 Queen Mary 2
M240B 15-Dec-22 Queen Mary 2
M301 22-Dec-22 Queen Mary 2
M301A 22-Dec-22 Queen Mary 2
V301 23-Dec-22 Queen Victoria
V301A 23-Dec-22 Queen Victoria
V302 07-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V302A 07-Jan-23 Queen Victoria

Voyages with additional requirements.

Voyage code Departure date Ship
M302 03-Jan-23 Queen Mary 2
M302A 03-Jan-23 Queen Mary 2
M302B 03-Jan-23 Queen Mary 2
V303 09-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V303A 09-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V303B 09-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V303C 09-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
M303 11-Jan-23 Queen Mary 2
M303A 11-Jan-23 Queen Mary 2
M303B 11-Jan-23 Queen Mary 2
M303C 11-Jan-23 Queen Mary 2
M303D 11-Jan-23 Queen Mary 2
V304 11-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V304A 11-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V304B 11-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V304C 11-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V305 20-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V305A 20-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
V305B 20-Jan-23 Queen Victoria
M304 02-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
M304A 02-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
M304B 02-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
V306 07-Feb-23 Queen Victoria
V306A 07-Feb-23 Queen Victoria
M305 14-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
M305A 14-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
M305B 14-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
M306 23-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
M306A 23-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
M306B 23-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
M306C 23-Feb-23 Queen Mary 2
V307 01-Mar-23 Queen Victoria
V307A 01-Mar-23 Queen Victoria
V307B 01-Mar-23 Queen Victoria
V307C 01-Mar-23 Queen Victoria
M307 12-Mar-23 Queen Mary 2
M307A 12-Mar-23 Queen Mary 2
M307B 12-Mar-23 Queen Mary 2
M307C 12-Mar-23 Queen Mary 2
M308 21-Mar-23 Queen Mary 2
M308A 21-Mar-23 Queen Mary 2
M308B 21-Mar-23 Queen Mary 2

Australia and New Zealand departures.

Voyage code Departure date Ship
Q235 15/12/2022 Queen Elizabeth
Q235A 15/12/2022 Queen Elizabeth
Q301 22/12/2022 Queen Elizabeth
Q302 05/01/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q303 07/01/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q303A 07/01/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q304 20/01/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q305 28/01/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q306 02/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q307 04/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q308 11/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q309 14/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q309A 14/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q309B 14/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q309C 22/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q309D 22/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q310 27/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q310A 27/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q310B 27/02/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q310C 01/03/2023 Queen Elizabeth
Q310D 01/03/2023 Queen Elizabeth