Ruins of Herculaneum

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    Salerno, Italy

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  • Wheelchair accessible


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    USDTBC per person

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    4.0 Hours

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The city of Herculaneum was founded around the 5th century BC and became a chosen summer resort by the Romans, due to its enviable position overlooking the Bay of Naples. Many villas were built and adorned with magnificent frescoes, mosaics and sculptures.  

There is undeniably a feeling that surrounds Herculaneum which is quite different to that of other ancient excavations, including its famous bigger brother Pompeii. The preservation of this small town is far superior. The excavations of Herculaneum are distinctly different from Pompeii, mainly due to the way it was engulfed by a torrent of mud rather than ash and stone. The mud had an incredible preserving effect on the houses, shops, baths, wooden elements, foodstuffs and fabrics, offering a unique vision of private life in antiquity. 

Enjoy a guided walk around Herculaneum and discover the fascinating history that surrounds the ruins.