Leisurely Haugesund

  • Port

    Haugesund, Norway

  • Activity level


  • Activity type


  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Price per adult


    USD59 per person

  • Minimum age


  • Duration

    2.0 Hours

  • Meals included


A lovely introduction to Haugesund – the homeland of the Viking kings ­– and its surrounding area.

Sit back and relax in your comfy coach as you ride through this historic land. Haugesund dates back to at least 1217 and the Norse Sagas, but wasn’t awarded town rights until 1854 by King Oscar I. Inseparably linked to the sea, Haugesund owes its prosperity to the successful herring industry, which thrived throughout the 19th century.

You’ll drive through the city centre, past the pastel pink Town Hall, and continue towards the national monument, Haraldshaugen, which was raised in 1872. Commemorating the Battle of Hafrsfjord, where King Harald Fairhair brought the 29 chieftains together to form Norway as one kingdom, it’s also thought to be the site of King Harald’s burial.

At the picturesque Steinsfjellet viewpoint, 745 feet above sea level, you’ll get stunning panoramic views of Haugesund and its surroundings.