Cotentin D Day Landing Beaches

  • Port

    Cherbourg, France

  • Activity level


  • Activity type

    Excursion Types

  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Cost From


    USD84.0 per person

  • Minimum age


  • Duration

    Approximately 5.30 hours.

  • Meals included


Operation Overlord was a huge logistical exercise, which had been 10 months in its planning. The 6th of June 1944, was just the beginning of a campaign which was to last until 25th August 1944 and leave its scars all over the Normandy countryside. The soldiers� bravery lives on in the collective memories of the Norman people to this day and is commemorated in the military cemeteries, battlefields and museums of Normandy.Begin with a drive through the scenic Normandy countryside to Azeville, where you�ll visit the German bunker fortification, of which all 4 of the original blockhouses remain intact. Learn about the daily life of 170 men stationed at the site by exploring these narrow corridors.At Utah Beach, you�ll have the opportunity to take a few pictures and stand where soldiers once stormed the beaches 70 years ago.Before returning to Cherbourg, stop briefly at Sainte M�re Eglise, where paratrooper John Steele�s parachute caught on the spire of the town church. He was suspended for 2 hours, pretending to be dead, before he was taken prisoner by the Germans. A mannequin hangs from the steeple as a reminder. The incident was portrayed in the movie �The Longest Day�.Visit the town�s excellent Airborne Museum which is built in the shape of an opened parachute. Exhibits include a C-47 troop carrier, a Waco glider, displays, photographs, and memorabilia.