Lake Tazawa & Kakunodate Samarai Town

  • Port

    Akita, Japan

  • Activity level


  • Activity type


  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Price per adult


    USD155 per person

  • Minimum age


  • Duration

    7.0 Hours

  • Meals included


Situated in the center of eastern Akita Prefecture, Lake Tazawa is the deepest lake in Japan.
A two-hour scenic drive takes you to these mythical waters that change color from emerald green to cobalt blue depending on the ambient light.
When you view the southwest side of the lake, keep an eye out for a gold statue of a legendary girl named Tatsuko. There are several interpretations of the legend of Tatsuko. One is that her vain wish for eternal beauty turned her into a dragon who resides at the bottom of the lake while another version says she is actually married to the dragon and it is their passionate union that keeps this lake from freezing even in the winter.
After spending time with nature, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant before continuing on to the Kakunodate Samurai District. The Kakunodate Samurai District is a living museum, a preserved samurai district that once housed 80 families. Stroll along wide streets lined with cherry trees. One of the venues, the Ishiguro House (Ishiguro-ke) is unique because the family still resides here. You are welcomed inside to view a personal family collection of samurai clothing and armor as well as some drawings and artwork.