Acropolis: The Crown Jewel of Athens

  • Port

    Athens (tours from Piraeus), Greece

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    Activity, Local experience, Once-in-a-lifetime, Refreshments included

  • Wheelchair accessible


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    USD75.0 per person

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  • Duration

    Approximately 4.00 hours.

  • Meals included


Dominating the city, the Acropolis is unsurpassed in beauty, architectural splendor and historic importance. After arriving on a narrated scenic drive, walk up to its entrance, through the Propylea, to the adjoining Temple of Athena Nike. On the highest part of the hill stands the Parthenon, built between 447 and 432 BC and dedicated to the Virgin Athena. You’ll also see the Erechtheion, a temple to Athena and Poseidon, and the graceful Porch of the Caryatids, with sculptures of maidens. You may later stop at the Old Olympic Stadium (traffic allowing), built for the first modern games.