The Magic of the Mediterranean and the wonder of Western Europe.

In 2021, Queen Elizabeth returns to European waters for a series of Mediterranean, Western Europe and British Isles voyages, before returning to Melbourne in December.

Queen Elizabeth in Europe.

In April 2021, Queen Elizabeth makes a return to European waters for an illuminating series of Mediterranean, Western Europe and British Isles voyages before returning to Melbourne in December.

Highlights of her 2021 program include voyages around the British Isles and to Western Europe together with a maiden port call in Genoa, Italy. Overnight stays in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Lisbon further enhance her European itineraries, while stops in Singapore and Sri Lanka await those venturing to Australia.

Queen Elizabeth in 2021.

British Isles Cruise.

Discover the beauty and history of the British Isles on this seven night voyage on board Queen Elizabeth. You’ll sail between England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, with a further call at the charming harbor town of Saint Peter Port in Guernsey. Trace The Beatles’ rise to fame in Liverpool, visit Glasgow on a tour from Greenock and don’t miss the opportunity to explore the incredible Titanic Museum in Belfast.

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European Cruises.

A maiden port call in Genoa, Italy, marks yet another special occasion in Queen Elizabeth’s 2021 program with overnight stays in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Lisbon coupled with late departures from Rotterdam. Savor the gastronomic delights of Bilbao, the Galician city of La Coruna, and the ancient history, sun-drenched beaches and architectural wonders of the Mediterranean. Experience the wondrous destinations featured on this captivating European journey.

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Regions of the World.

In October 2021, Queen Elizabeth will begin her journey to Australia, charting a fascinating route via Egypt’s Suez Canal and Southeast Asia. Malta’s capital Valetta precedes Heraklion on the Greek island of Crete, before Egyptian waters and Jordan beckon. A stop in Colombo is your first call in Asia, while Port Kelang provides a gateway to the Batu Caves and Kuala Lumpur. After leaving Singapore, explore Bali’s beaches before Queen Elizabeth’s arrival in Australia.

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Australia and New Zealand.

November 2021 heralds Queen Elizabeth’s return to Australian waters, where she’ll undertake a series of homeport voyages venturing to New Zealand and back again. Explore Adelaide and Melbourne, before the ethereal Fiordlands of New Zealand. Auckland and Wellington offer a chance to explore cities packed with culture, while a call in Dunedin unlocks Maori ancestry. She’ll then return to Australia where Sydney’s iconic Opera House awaits.

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A Cruise Vacation with Cunard is an Escape to Another World.

Where the ordinary is extraordinary and untold possibilities abound. A chance to experience something new every day, or enjoy the fulfillment of doing nothing at all. Where time unfurls at your own pace and life’s greatest pleasures are yours to savor.

Discover the Mediterranean.

Queen Elizabeth will relocate to Barcelona in September 2021, where she'll embark on a series of seven-night cruises, before departing Europe for Asia in October, and Singapore for Melbourne in November.

A World to Enjoy However you Wish.

Spacious decks offering a feeling of freedom, days filled with the promise of possibilities, and evenings where the night is always young. Queen Elizabeth’s world is elegant and inviting.

Delightful Pursuits and Pleasures.

Time on Queen Elizabeth brings the opportunity to indulge in life’s greatest pleasures. From wine tastings to inspirational talks and fitness classes, days at sea are never short of enriching.

Destinations to Explore at Leisure.

Overnight stays and evening departures from Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Lisbon offer a chance to explore these cities after dark, giving you the freedom of time to discover all that these destinations offer.