Grand Voyages, by Queen Victoria.

Explore legendary sailing routes on Queen Victoria.


Southampton to Rio de Janeiro.

Queen Victoria, 32 nights, January 10 - February 10, 2020†

Westward to Bermuda.

Board Queen Victoria in Southampton to experience a voyage of remarkable hospitality and intriguing discovery. Refresh and revitalize for six days as you head to the pink sands of beautiful Bermuda.

Experience the varied appeal of Florida.

Later you will reach Port Canaveral, gateway to Florida's many attractions, including Orlando, before arriving in Fort Lauderdale with its golden beaches and historic districts, and access to Miami and the Everglades.

The allure of the Caribbean.

Next, you will visit the colorful and vibrant Caribbean as Queen Victoria makes a maiden call to the mighty forts and cobbled streets of Puerto Rico before discovering the rich British colonial traditions of Barbados.

Discover the Amazon.

Sailing for South America and crossing the Equator in Brazil, you journey to Manaus, capital of Amazonas state and where the Rio Negro and Rio Solimões merge in the “meeting of the waters” to form the mighty Amazon.

Immerse yourself in Brazilian culture.

Downstream you call into Santarem, a town built on rubber, before savoring the delights of Salvador and its fascinating colonial architecture. Your final destination, Rio de Janeiro, is a unique city of endless wonders.

Eastbound Transatlantic Crossing.

Queen Victoria, 12 nights, March 17-28, 2020†

Allow Fort Lauderdale to inspire you.

Your voyage departs from Fort Lauderdale, a city famous for its beautiful beaches. Enjoy the great shopping and be tempted by first class dining. You could also take a stroll around the famous historic district.

Six days of refined indulgence.

Experience everything that Queen Victoria has to offer on your six-day crossing. Be treated to exceptional dining and entertainment, top leisure and spa facilities and much more as you sail towards the Azores.

Explore verdant Sao Miguel.

Arrive revitalized at Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel. Discover an ideal place to wander, with its arched city gates and old churches. Inland, you will find verdant hills, and dramatic crater lakes.

Onwards to Southampton.

Enjoy three more delightful days on board as you head towards the English Channel and finally Southampton. Here a diverse coastal landscape reveals England's charming South Coast and the region's many attractions.


Westbound Transatlantic Crossing.

Queen Victoria, 12 nights, January 10-22, 2021†

Six days at sea, westward to Bermuda.

Six magical days at sea offer a wealth of ways to explore on-board experiences. Your first port of call is Hamilton, the quaint, friendly capital of Bermuda, with its pastel-shaded architecture, pink-sand beaches, and turquoise sea.

Florida, the gateway to theme parks.

Two more sea days bring you to Port Canaveral – gateway to the highlights of Florida. Explore the Kennedy Space Center, Rocket Garden, or opt for the theme parks in Orlando, Disneyworld, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios.

Allow Fort Lauderdale to inspire you.

The beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale beckon next, with a bit of retail therapy at the enormous Sawgrass Mills shopping mall, or explore Miami with its multi-cultural Little Havana and waterways lined with millionaires’ yachts.

Southampton to San Francisco.

Queen Victoria, 28 nights, January 10 - February 7, 2021†

Westward to Bermuda.

Arrive rested and reinvigorated in Hamilton, ready to explore the quaint friendly capital of Bermuda with its pastel-shaded architecture, pink-sand beaches, and turquoise sea.

Florida, the gateway to theme parks.

Two more sea days bring you to Port Canaveral, the gateway to Florida’s attractions, such as the theme parks of Orlando and the Kennedy Space Center.

Allow Fort Lauderdale to inspire you.

From Fort Lauderdale you can explore Miami’s atmospheric Little Havana and the wonderful art deco district on South Beach, before sailing to the Caribbean.

Cascading waterfalls and salsa beats.

The lush landscape of Jamaica is next with its cascading waterfalls and palm-covered mountains, a world away from Costa Rica’s cobblestone streets and Salsa beats.

Guatemala, Mexico and San Francisco.

Guatemala is rich with colonial charm, not to mention fantastic street food. Then it’s time to relax on the white sand in Mexico, before your last stop – the iconic city of San Francisco where anything goes.

Southampton to Auckland.

Queen Victoria, 45 nights, January 10 - February 25, 2021†

Six days of refined indulgence.

Six glorious days of refinement stretch ahead of you on majestic Queen Victoria as you voyage to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and beautiful beaches.

Westward to Bermuda.

Setting out across the Atlantic, you reach the pink shores of Bermuda before arriving at Port Canaveral, where you will find the Kennedy Space Center, the golden beaches of Fort Lauderdale, and the art deco district on South Miami Beach.

Jungle adventure and pacific coast gems.

Enjoy Montego Bay’s lush rivers and waterfalls, before embarking on a jungle adventure in Puerto Limon. Marvel as you sail through the Panama Canal to the Pacific coastal gems of Puerto Quetzal and Cabo San Lucas.

Onwards to San Francisco.

Then sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and soak up the many charms of San Francisco.

Spellbinding Hawaii, Samoa and Fiji.

Heading into the vast Pacific, you can swim with turtles in the spellbinding scenery of Hawaii and call at the South Pacific jewels of Samoa and Fiji.

Discover Auckland, the City of Sails.

Explore the bubbling mud pools and geysers of Rotorua from Tauranga, before arriving in beautiful Auckland, the City of Sails.

Hong Kong to Southampton.

Queen Victoria, 41 nights, March 19 - April 29, 2021†

A taster of what’s to come.

Sailing from Hong Kong’s vibrant Victoria Harbor is an exceptional experience. Singapore is known for its sparkling skyscrapers and shopping, but with all of its green areas, it’s also called the “Garden City.”

Exotic Malaysia.

More skyscrapers to follow, in Kuala Lumpur, but you can also immerse yourself in more traditional surroundings in Chinatown, then soak up the rich colorful history of Penang, and visit one of the world’s largest reclining Buddhas.

Vibrant Colombo.

Enjoy the vibrancy of Colombo’s frenetic Pettah Bazaar District, or opt for a more tranquil visit to one of the captivating tea plantations.

Two sparkling islands.

Two Indian Ocean gems are next – the reef-enshrouded beaches and blue lagoons of Mauritius, and the French haven of Réunion, covered in lush tropical rainforests.

Prepare for breathtaking scenery.

Prepare for a warm welcome in friendly Port Elizabeth. Rounding the Cape of Good Hope takes you to the iconic, spectacular Table Mountain, with Cape Town nestling below.

Relax on white sandy beaches.

Enjoy the stunning volcanic scenery on Gran Canaria and visit the home of Christopher Columbus, before sailing to Southampton.

Singapore to Southampton.

Queen Victoria, 36 nights, March 24 - April 29, 2021†

Eastern delights.

Departing from the “Lion City” of Singapore, you arrive at Kuala Lumpur, with its traditional Old Town and the Golden Triangle, home to the iconic Petronas Towers, and Penang Beach, where you can also delve into the National Museum.

Eastern delights.

Departing from the “Lion City” of Singapore, you arrive at Kuala Lumpur, with its traditional Old Town and the Golden Triangle, home to the iconic Petronas Towers, and Penang Beach, where you can also delve into the National Museum.

Vibrant Colombo.

Then explore the lively streets and bustling markets of colonial Colombo.

Heavenly Mauritius and tropical Réunion.

Four luxurious sea days take you to the dazzling white beaches in Mauritius for a spot of brilliant snorkeling. Then explore the tropical rainforests on volcanic Réunion.

An African adventure.

On the African continent, Port Elizabeth provides you with the opportunity to see big game animals, and in beautiful Cape Town you can traverse the Garden Route or ascend Table Mountain. Walvis Bay is your gateway to the iconic Namib Desert.

Eight magical days at sea.

Then eight sea days allow you to immerse yourself in all your ship has to offer. Finally, the black lava and white sand beaches of Gran Canaria await before your final destination, Southampton.

Cape Town to Southampton.

Queen Victoria, 16 nights, April 13-29, 2021†

Prepare for breathtaking scenery.

What better place to begin your Grand Voyage than one of the world’s most beautiful cities? Flying over the rugged mountains and lush vineyards of Cape Town is just the first of many highlights that await.

Orange dunes and black sand beaches.

After a relaxing day at sea exploring the delights aboard Queen Victoria, you arrive at Walvis Bay. It is a country of stark beauty and contrasting landscapes, and home to the world’s most iconic desert, the Namib, with its dramatic dunes.

Eight days devoted entirely for you.

Eight glorious days at sea give you the time to relax or try something new. Perhaps unwind in the spa, learn to fence, explore one of the largest libraries at sea, or start to write a novel in one of the workshops.

Relax on white sandy beaches.

Then beautiful Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands beckons, a way station for Spanish Galleons of old, replete with dry volcanic deserts, lush fields with banana and pineapple plantations, and spectacular beaches.

Set sail for home, indulge on board.

Finally, three more magical days at sea aboard your illustrious ship allow you to relax, indulge, mingle, or escape, and dine like royalty.

†Cruise duration and dates are based on cruise only.