Cruises from Southampton in 2019 and 2020.

If you prefer not to fly, that need not limit your horizons. Cunard offers many opportunities to explore amazing places sailing from and returning to Southampton.

With voyages ranging from two to 16 nights, it may be time to consider some of the amazing places we can transport you to from Southampton. Enjoy a delicious lunch, celebrate sail away and wave farewell to Southampton as your holiday begins in style. There's no need to worry about luggage restrictions: you can bring exactly what you need, and maybe an extra outfit or two, just in case. 

Roundtrips from Southampton.

Northern Europe and Scandinavia.

Explore the lands of Tsars and Vikings, fjords and geysers – and even our own fair isles – on an intriguingly diverse selection of cruises around the continent’s northern shores.


Discovering the Mediterranean without flying means your holiday relaxation starts closer to home, yet you can still explore far and wide. So many countries surround this sea that your voyage can match your interests wherever you touch shore.

Iberia, Atlantic Coast and the Canaries.

Scattered close to Africa’s north-western shoulder, the Spanish and Portuguese Atlantic Isles invite you to discover their astonishing scenery and pleasant climate.


The Caribbean islands have captivated those arriving by sea for centuries, and their natural beauty and all-year-round warm climate makes them perfect for seeking out some winter sunshine.

Short breaks.

Sailing with Cunard clears the mind, even if it is just for a few days. A short escape of two to five nights from Southampton can take you to France, Bruges, Amsterdam, Hamburg and the Netherlands.

Sailing from Southampton.

Ultimate relaxation.

Dedicated car-parking facilities, coach drop-off points and easy access to taxis and public transport, means you can rest assured that everything is sorted before you set sail.

Variety of destinations.

Sailing from Southampton needn't limit your choice - visit popular destinations spanning the world including exotic Caribbean islands, hidden Mediterranean gems, stunning fjords and beyond without having to fly.

Retail therapy.

For those who love to shop there's no need to worry about luggage restrictions. Spend your time browsing boutiques in some of the world's most renowned shopping cities including Paris, Barcelona and Rome.

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