Queen Victoria cruises 2023

From the historic towns of Northern Europe to the sun-touched beaches of the Mediterranean, enjoy a cruise in 2023 on board Queen Victoria and experience an unforgettable adventure.

Queen Victoria Northern Europe cruises 2023

Northern Europe poses various attractions filled with adventure and experiences, from the intricate waterways of Sweden's rivers to beautiful Victorian buildings, stylish boutiques, and charming old pubs of Northern Ireland.

Queen Victoria Western Europe cruises 2023

The destinations that make up Western Europe are diverse in terms of local culture and environment, as well as being rich in history and cuisine. Ancient stone temples, bustling waterfronts, cutting-edge shopping, and renowned European architecture can be experienced on a cruise with Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria cruises 2023

From Northern Europe to the Mediterranean, a cruise on Queen Victoria in 2023 offers multiple adventures. Whether you wish to embark on a voyage to meet warmer climates or decide on a cruise to enjoy a crisp breeze, Cunard has it for you.