Queen Mary 2 itineraries 2022.

Discover the breadth of destinations Queen Mary 2 calls at in 2022. See celebrated sights and extraordinary feats of nature, and savor relaxing days at sea in sumptuous surroundings.

Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic itineraries 2022.

Experience true ocean travel in 2022 as you sail the Atlantic towards new adventures. Immerse yourself in the romance of a world at sea with music, fine dining, dancing and theater.

Queen Mary 2 Northern Lights cruise itineraries 2022.

Savor the anticipation of witnessing nature’s most spectacular light show: the Aurora Borealis, from the spacious deck of Queen Mary 2. Prepare to witness a sky streaked with color with the majestic Norwegian fjords as your backdrop.

Queen Mary 2 Central and South American itineraries 2022.

Make 2022 a year to remember with a Central or South American cruise on Queen Mary 2. Experience contrasting cultures, create memories for a lifetime, and awaken your soul like never before.