Queen Mary 2 cruises 2023

Embark on a journey with Queen Mary 2 in 2023 and experience destinations like no other. From the cross-continent adventures of a transatlantic cruise to the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean, turn a voyage with Cunard into memories of a lifetime.

Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic cruises 2023

From New York to Southampton, sail the waters of the Atlantic on Queen Mary 2, the last true ocean liner on the seas. Enjoy luxury food and evenings full of activities and adventure. Shape your voyage the way you wish on a cruise with Cunard.

Queen Mary 2 Mediterranean cruises 2023

From the white sands that are kissed by the sun to the high-rise cliffs that peer over the ocean, enjoy a cruise on Queen Mary 2 in 2023 to the Mediterranean, where you're met with rich culture and fascinating heritage.

Queen Mary 2 Northern Europe cruises 2023

From intricate waterways to medieval streets, enjoy a voyage on board Queen Mary 2, basking in the beauty of all that Northern Europe has to offer.