Queen Anne cruising firsts

During her first year in service, Queen Anne will make dozens of maiden calls to ports and countries around the world. Be a part of her first-time visits to some of our favorite destinations with these special voyages.

Maiden calls for Queen Anne

When a ship calls into port for the first time, it's a very special occasion, for locals and travelers alike. It's not uncommon to see people gathering portside to welcome the ship in, to gaze at her during the day, and - for some ports in particular - send her off again in style. In some ports you may find extra special celebrations happening: in the past, Sydney welcomed Queen Elizabeth with a spectacular light display, whereas Kiel in Germany featured a drinks reception on shore for Queen Victoria's guests. You never know what you could experience!

An historic moment

Maritime tradition calls for a special ceremony at every maiden port call; the plaque exchange. The ship's captain will meet with local dignitaries and exchange specially-designed plaques, signifying the relationship between Cunard and the port community. If another cruise ship is docked, the ships may exchange plaques too.

As plaques are collected from ports all around the world, they are displayed on board. Guests on Queen Mary 2, for example, may know well her admirable collection, displayed in the corridor behind the Illuminations theater on deck 2.

First-time visits

Be on board for Queen Anne's first visit to some of our favorite destinations during her first year at sea, from the spectacular Croatian coast to her maiden Full World Voyage of over 100 nights.


Join Queen Anne for an epic round trip from Southampton into the Mediterranean, featuring maiden calls to Dubrovnik, Zadar and Sibenik, as well as Trieste in Italy. Discover stunning architecture, ancient history and crystal clear waters as you explore the beautiful coast of Croatia.

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Full World Voyage

January 2025 will see Queen Anne set sail on her Maiden World Voyage. A full circumnavigation of the globe from either Southampton or Hamburg, this incredible adventure includes calls to buzzing Asian cities, perfect South Pacific islands, and a transit through the world-famous Panama Canal.

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Queen Anne's first Christmas

Join Queen Anne on one of her first Christmas voyages to the Canary Islands. Escape from the wintery weather at home, and enjoy a Cunard Christmas dinner with all the trimmings - with no need to wash up afterwards!

H501, Dec 22, 2024 - Jan 5, 2025

Sail roundtrip from Southampton for a two-week escape to the vibrant and volcanic Canary Islands. See the local decorations and take part in the festivities both on board and on shore.

H431C, Dec 20, 2024 - Jan 7, 2025

Take this roundtrip voyage from Hamburg and enjoy the Canary Islands in all their splendor over both Christmas and New Years, with calls to Tenerife, Lanzarote and Madeira. Extend your stay in Hamburg to see the Christmas markets as an added festive bonus!

Iconic ports of call

With hundreds of ports on her itinerary for the first twelve months, Queen Anne will be a brand new sight on the horizon for people all over the globe. Enjoy her first sail-ins to many famous destinations: we have picked out a few favorites.

New York

Join Queen Anne in Southampton for her first Transatlantic Crossing to the glittering towers of New York City. Whether you disembark here to explore the Big Apple, or rejoin Queen Anne for her first World Voyage, this will be a sail-in to remember.

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Sail into one of the most famous port cities in the world on Queen Anne for the very first time on her first World Voyage. This buzzing city loves Cunard ships, with people often flocking to shore to spot their iconic red funnels.

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In March 2025, Queen Anne will make her maiden call to stunning, ultra-modern Singapore, one of the world's most prosperous cities. Join one of Queen Anne's Maiden World Voyage sectors to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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