Panama Canal and Central America.

Central America leaves a lasting impression, with its modern resorts, rich rainforest and a fascinating Mayan legacy.

Nature’s riches are evident here, with soft sand beaches, mangroves and dense jungle. Man’s imprint is impressive too, from awe-inspiring ancient Mayan temples to the mighty Panama Canal.

Where we sail.

Belize City, Belize

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Costa Maya, Mexico

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Explore Puntarenas and see how rich this “Rich Coast” really is. Maybe not in terms of per capita wealth, but certainly in terms of its endless opulent greenery, grand views and unspoiled scenery.

Panama City (tours from Fuerte Amador),

The fast-growing city of Fuerte Amador lies at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal, on a peninsular jutting out from Balboa. It has a pleasing marina, with Panama City on the other side of Ancon Hill.

Transit the Panama Canal, Panama (Cruise

If you are interested in maritime engineering or iconic journeys, this should be high up your list of must-sails. This legendary canal is steeped with intrigue and blessed with ever-changing scenery.

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