Mediterranean cruises.

Follow in the footsteps of philosophers and poets and tread where Roman Emperors once roamed, as you sail the Mediterranean Sea on a voyage that will feed your imagination and ignite your soul.

Mediterranean Cruises Special Offers.

Enjoy our limited-time offers on our Mediterranean cruises. Experience the historic charm of the Mediterranean with stops in the culturally rich ports on offer on a Barcelona round trip voyage.

Featured Mediterranean cruises.

The Mediterranean is the perfect all-seasons destination, sure to inspire, delight and captivate, whatever the weather. Discover world-class art, masterful gastronomy and celebrated architecture when you sail from Southampton or Kiel.

Cruises in the Mediterranean.

Adding flights to your voyage gives you more time to explore the variety of ports that make up your Mediterranean cruise itinerary. Booking your flight through our Cunard CompleteAir program saves you time, money, and stress. Enjoy surprisingly low prices, worry-free bookings, and late arrival protection. For added peace of mind, contact your Travel Advisor or Cunard at (800) 728-6273 to learn more about our transfer options and White Star Luggage Service, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation to its fullest.

The many flavors of the Mediterranean.

The many destinations that make up the Mediterranean are rich in history and cuisine but distinct in local culture and scenery. Here you can enjoy ancient stone temples, vibrant waterfronts, contemporary shopping and the famous Mediterranean sunshine.

Explore the Mediterranean.

Dive in to our helpful guides on the Mediterranean region, the ports we visit, and what to pack for the perfect sunny getaway.

Our guide to the Mediterranean.

From local sights, delicacies and weather, to advice on what to pack and top tips from our own Shore Experience team, you will never be more prepared or inspired to visit this incredible region with our easy-to-read guide.

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Mediterranean destinations.

Explore French flavor, Spanish sun, Italian history, Greek architecture, Croatian beaches and many other incredible sights and sounds on a Cunard cruise to the Mediterranean.

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Mediterranean packing guide.

Worrying about your wardrobe should be the last thing on your mind. This comprehensive packing guide is full of advice and FAQs to ensure you’re ready for every eventuality on your Mediterranean vacation.

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Mediterranean shore experiences.

The Mediterranean has azure waters, breathtaking natural features and cities dripping with ancient history and culture, and all of these are discoverable on our shore experiences.

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Mediterranean cruise routes.

Cruise routes in the Mediterranean offer the chance to explore thousands of years of history and cities steeped in culture. Lose yourself in island archipelagos and wander, without a care, through winding cobblestone streets.

Spanish cruise routes.

Delve into Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, savor a refreshing glass of sangria in the warmth of the midday sun, or enjoy the soothing sound of Spanish guitar in the birthplace of flamenco and paella.

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French cruise routes.

Walk in the footsteps of movie stars in Cannes, admire yachts gracefully swaying in sparkling blue waters, and savor a crisp glass of chardonnay in one of the world’s greatest wine countries.

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Italian cruise routes.

Italy is style, art, history, and superb cuisine. Discover world-class sculpture, savor baked cannoli stuffed with sweet ricotta, and lose yourself in cobbled streets flanked by sherbet-colored buildings.

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Croatian cruise routes.

Croatia offers some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere in the Mediterranean. Discover distinctive old towns paved with limestone, and beautiful beaches fringed by turquoise seas.

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Greek cruise routes.

Explore ancient ruins, savor sunny island beaches and encounter the birthplace of modern democracy. Explore Athens (from Piraeus), Rhodes, Corfu and many more on our cruises visiting Greece.

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Get a taste of the perfect Mediterranean escape with our top five experiences.

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