Alaska cruises 2023.

Discover what lies in store, both on ship and on shore, for our Alaska voyage guests in 2023.

On shore.

Glacier Bay National Park.


Glacier Bay National Park is the jewel in the crown of any Alaskan voyage. Spanning 3.3 million acres, as part of a 25-million-acre World Heritage Site, a cruise through Glacier Bay National Park reveals some of the planet’s most remarkable tidewater glaciers. From the majesty of the sheer icy cliffs to the awesome sights of eagles flying overhead, there is much to see both from ship and on shore.

For those interested in local culture, the Huna Tlingit are ready to welcome and introduce you to the history of their people, and the place they call home. If natural wonders are what you seek, be prepared for sightings of otters and whales in the water, puffins in the air, and even bears on the shore.

Discover the effects of climate on this incredible scene, and explore what it takes to carefully manage and preserve the land, and the countless flora and fauna it supports.

Explore all of these with our online articles in anticipation of your Alaskan voyage.

On board.

From special local dishes in our on board restaurants, to local speakers and entertainment, Alaska can be experienced on board as well as on shore. Here we give a small taste of what is to come, while still keeping some big surprises for your voyage.

Ice White Ball.

Drawing inspiration from the breath-taking glacial backdrops of Alaska, the much-loved Queen Elizabeth will provide the perfect setting for the return of the Ice White Ball. See the ship transform to truly bring Alaska on board, with stunningly decorated venues, heightened menus with local dishes, and specially-crafted cocktails.

Wear your formal Gala Evening attire with a glacial twist - a simple combination of white, silver or blue attire would complement the theme perfectly, or you could add something a little sparkly to your existing ensemble.

Inspired by Alaska.

Discover the tastes of Alaska throughout your voyage with local beers and wines on board. Sample delicious Alaska-inspired cocktails every evening, and savor a hot toddy and blanket service on deck.

If you can't decide what to try first, we make it easy for you with our Alaskan cocktail flights: sip on a fruity gin concoction with Alaskan berries, an elegant twist on a classic martini, and a refreshing lemon creation, paired with Alaskan crab skagen.

Discover Alaska.

Whether you're considering an Alaskan adventure or have already booked your voyage, our guides, articles and packing tips are sure to whet your appetite and help your prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

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Encounter explorers on stage.

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