Entre Deux & Botanical Garden

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    Le Port, Réunion

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  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Price per adult


    USD79 per person

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  • Duration

    4.5 Hours

  • Meals included


Embark on a scenic drive to St Pierre, where you’ll visit the garden of Domaine du Café Grillé. Covering an area of four hectares, the garden will take you on a journey through the Reunion of today and back into its past, via its lush plant life. In the modern Reunion garden, you’ll discover exotic rock plants, frangipani, ylang ylang, lianas, palms, orchids and bamboos.In the Reunion garden of old you’ll find plants that have shaped the island’s history; sugar cane, vanilla, vetiver and especially most importantly coffee.Continue to Entre-Deux, perched high in the hills north of St Pierre, against the dramatic backdrop of the majestic Dimitile mountains. The town’s name derives from its situation; ‘entre deux’ (between two), tributaries of the Saint Etienne River; the Bras de Cilaos to the west and the Bras de la Plaine to the east. Its isolated situation and difficult access for centuries helped preserve its traditions of Creole architecture, tropical gardens and local handicrafts. Today, however it is easily accessible thanks to its famous 150 metre high bridge spanning the Bras de la Plaine.The Creole houses are built of wood, with a tin roof and a veranda at the front. The white decoration on the houses is called ‘mantling’ and is a type of gutter. During a visit of the village, look out for the local slippers, made from the choca (agave) plant.