Whale and Dolphin Watch

  • Port

    Ponta Delgada,Azores, Portugal

  • Activity level


  • Activity type


  • Wheelchair accessible


  • Price per adult


    USDTBC per person

  • Minimum age


  • Duration

    3.5 Hours

  • Meals included


The isolated archipelago of the Azores has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the best whale watching destinations in the world. Your boat adventure will begin a short walk away from your ship, where you will venture out into the open sea to search for these fascinating mammals.
The Azores attracts 24 species of cetaceans with Sperm Whales being the most common. Other whales that visit include the Humpback, Minky, Blue, Sei, Northern Bottlenose Whales and the Sowerby’s Beaked Whale. Regular encounters are made with the Pilot Whale, Orca Whale and Pseudorca Whale, as well as the Common, Bottlenose, Risso’s and Striped Dolphin.
Prior to setting off, you will be given a short briefing by one of the whale-watching experts. The crew on board are available during your excursion to answer any questions you may have on marine life and the rich history of the Azores.