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MS Mayers, 28 June 2024

Below standard expected

The Queen Anne is a beautiful ship but some. Areas did not live up to the Queen Mary the ball room was not nearly as grand very understated the orchestra did not sit comfortably it was too small the stage was not big enough. We were not welcomed in the same way as the QM 2 did not enter into the grand lobby and directly rather abruptly to the muster point not acceptable. The sail away from Southampton was shocking not special no band was playing very poor send off didn’t 40 dollars on champagne was a complete waste of money. The ship was full of old infirm people that had a dower effect on the ship not to say they are not important but Cunard should have Claude mor attention to the 20% of younger people making it more upbeat. After the older end had retired. I felt the entertainment in parts was not good enough for a ship of that standard. The was no professional dancers giving a performance the balls depended on the passenger to make the event spending quite a lot of money on their gowns etc.surely a glass of champagne could be presented I was not invited to the captain’s cocktail party apparently my invitation was sent out but not received by myself. However I thought holding such an prestigious event in the swimming pool area was shocking it was too hot and not at all in keeping with the QM2. The chart room was freezing cold and provided no entertainment before or after dinner the piano was playing to itself what a cop out. Just did not feel as special as the other Cunard ships was the comments that was heard both from the passengers and the crew who insistently was trying their best to make it as special I felt sorry for them as they were trying so hard. I did not visit the special restaurants as I heard that they service was not good it was very expensive and the food was not that diffusion the main restaurants. Getting off the ship was terrible no refreshing drinks were provided in the areas it was chaos overall I am not sure I would travel with Cunard again perhaps try another cruise line because I felt like it was not up to the standard as it was people were allowed to wear casual clothes in the dining rooms that’s not fair when I as one spent a lot of money on my dress code I do hope my comments are helpful in bringing back the wonderful experience that I have had when sailing with Cunard yours Alma Mayers

28 June 2024

The ship offers more flexibility and a range of services. The crew were ver

We are Diamond loyalty passengers and prior to this voyage held some reservations about the new ship Queen Anne as we very much like the other ships. However, we were extremely impressed with its facilities overall.

28 June 2024

Cunard not listening to guests

Voyage was good. However if you are a ballroom or sequence dancer then the QA is not the Cunard ship. So would not book QA again

DR Woolley, 28 June 2024

Whole cruise Exclent

Queen Anne excellent

Mrs Llewellyn, 28 June 2024

Excellent trip which gave us a taste of the Canary Islands.

The highlights were the bright lights experience and the taste of the canaries tour, on Tenerife. That included a visit to a winery, a lunch of typical canarian food and wine followed by a visit to the English garden . An excellent full day trip.. There were a few teething problems on the Queen Anne which I have mentioned in a previous feedback.

28 June 2024

The food was the highlight of the trip. Great staff. Would travel with them again. Not enough outdoor seating for the number of passengers. Towels on sun beds to reserve them was crass.

Mrs Monaghan, 28 June 2024


Worst Cunard cruise I’ve been on will not go on Queen Anne again it & will advise friends not to travel on it. Highlights good steward, good size balcony & shower. Ship was cold, some staff need to be qualified in their role and in customer service. Insights on TV not up to date at Tenerife told shops open until 1.00 on a Sunday not true had to get a taxi to another part of the Island €120. To get to the Theatre on level 2 is too dark one lady walked into a wall, where ever you sit in theatre you get the outline of everyone’s head on front row above the stage. The lift doors close too quick & not enough time to get into lift. Can’t believe how bad some aspects of the cruise are with all the experience Cunard have. I was glad to get off at Southampton but that was an absolute nightmare two hours late getting on my coach as a result the driver had to take an extra break because he was out of time. Why wasn’t there any public announcements to let passengers know what was happening? You can send out lovely personalised information but the cruise doesn’t match the expectations of loyal passengers. I am having a mini break on Queen Victoria in November, but in April I am going on a different cruise company. So sad at the decline in Cunard.

28 June 2024

Great cruise staff need further training

Wonderful cruise but felt that the first few days the service was not up to the usual standard you come to expect with Cunard. I put it down to new ship you crew. The highlight for me was the shows, talks and watercolour classes. I would definitely travel with Cunard again for me it’s pure luxury and I always recommend Cunard.

Mr Knight, 28 June 2024

Everything we expected.

The cruise was everything we expected. The presence of the London Theatre at sea members was brilliant. We cannot wait to get on board again soon.

28 June 2024

Definitely recognised the Cunard ‘touch’

The voyage overall was very good. The highlights for me were the leisurely scenes of Madeira excursion and the transfer to Puerto Del Carmen on Lanzarote. The musicians in The Queen’s Room were amazing, along with the dancing. Also, the shows in The Royal Court Theatre were of an extremely high standard. I would recommend Cunard and would travel with them again. The food and service in The Britannia Club Dining Room was impeccable…..certainly a highlight!

Mrs Brent, 28 June 2024

Favourite way to holiday

We alaways cruise with Cunard. Fabulous experience. Would definitely travel with them again.

Mrs Mackie, 28 June 2024

Enjoyable trip

The trip was excellent. The hot springs interesting and relaxing especially soaking feet in one of them. The monkeys were amazing especially being so close to them and being able to observe them in their family groups. The description about the trip given by cunard was a little unclear and I thought we would see the monkeys at the hot springs and they would be around us whilst we soaked our feet. However still a great visit and enjoyed the trip.

D Brindley , 28 June 2024

Organised carnage

I have given 4 stars due to the chaos olf disembarking - it was all going ok until a call came across for everyone to disembark which caused absolute chaos- plus we had waited like everyone else so I felt this was very unfair and poorly organised- cases were everywhere and it was like a ‘free for all’ which resulted in me having a wrong case and hosting me 132 pounds to get it back absolutely carnage- I always thought Cunard offered class unfortunately I have changed my mind on that …….

28 June 2024

Great cruise let down only by the entertainment.

Usual high standard overall. This would have been a five star review except for the entertainment. This was a letdown overall. We look forward very much to the insight lectures. The lectures on this cruise were very poor. The so-called Royal Butler guy was a joke. We watched a little of his previous talks on joining the ship on day one. He was a cringing embarrassment! And to make matters worse, he was on almost every day of the cruise. The entertainers employed by the ship were a mixed bunch. The saxophonist, the string trio and the Irish folk duo were excellent. The ships orchestra and big band musicians were, as usual outstanding as were the Royal Court singers and dancers. The others were pretty poor quality. Even with the Irish folk duo, they were handled very badly. Irish folk music is traditionally performed in pubs where the participative nature of the music is perfectly suited. You have a ready made pub in the Golden Lion and yet, for some reason, they played much of their music in the Garden Room which has a non-existent atmosphere! on the nights they played in the pub, the atmosphere they generated was superb. In the Garden Room, they played to an almost empty venue most nights. The entertainment needs to be reviewed. I am not at all impressed by the entertainment director, Sally Sagoe, whom we never saw around the ship at all. She seemed to be in hiding otherwise we could have voiced our opinions directly. Every cruise we have been on with Cunard, we have had almost daily sight of the entertainment director around the ship talking to customers. Entertainment apart, the cruise was very good.

Mr Rigden, 27 June 2024

We just love cruising with Cunard, sure you hit a few bumps on any form of travel but Cunard is cruise line we prefer.

27 June 2024

Great place amazing people and a great tour guide!! Just enough time as well

27 June 2024

Disappointing Queen Anne

Expected so much more from Cunard. From first boarding the Queen Anne there was no wow factor whatsoever. The food was hit and miss. The so called Gala nights consisted of dressing for dinner in a certain planned theme and then nothing. The ship was extremely cold all the time. There were not enough seats to accommodate everyone in the theatre or sun chairs at the Pavilion. The entertainment on the whole was amateurish and repetitive. Would never travel with Cunard again.

27 June 2024

How can you review a request for a review ?

The highlights and trips were good but I felt that Cunard's standards of most things had dropped. The food was not as previously good...having to pay for bottles of water in my cabin has never happened before...the disembarkment was chaotic, my time to depart was 9.10am but didn't disembark until 10.30am . Not sure that I would travel with Cunard again despite having done many previous cruises with them .

Mr Crust, 27 June 2024

Not ready

The ship was not ready to sail. Too much snagging to do. Food cold service awful

27 June 2024

Queen Anne is a beautiful ship, I think there were too many days at sea! When we were at sea you couldn’t get a sunbed! We had Freedom Dining which worked well, but found in places depending where you sat was cold, also parts of the ship was . The theatre was beautiful & had some good shows. Drinks were very expensive & why did we have to pay another 15% on top, plus an extra 10% in Spanish waters? We’ve been on a lot of cruises with P&O & Royal Caribbean & I wouldn’t say Cunard is any better!! I must say the afternoon teas were amazing!!