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Mr Yeates, 7 October 2020

Cannot wait to get aboard to start to enjoy bracing sea air and hospitality

Always excellent service, thoroughly professional, polite and courteous ships company, wonderful food and delightful decor on board each of the ships. I love the spa and the best haircut I have had for ages was aboard QM2

20 September 2020

Okay but....

Cruise was good, Food, entertainment and service were all good, although we felt it was not as good as our previous experience on QM2 in 2015. However, I feel that Cunard do not treat disabled passengers very well. Our accessible cabin was poor. The tiles in the bathroom had sunk and I cut my toe on them and the handrail at the side of the shower was unstable and unsafe. We reported it and were told that nothing could be done. They offered me the option of showering in the spa, which was not an acceptable solution. Also, there were no accessible excursions offered which I felt was very poor on a World voyage. Of 5 ports, 3 were tendered, including the first day in Sydney, which meant I could not get off, as Cunard do not allow wheelchairs on the tenders.

Mr Owen, 21 July 2020

Botched Repatriation

When a crisis occurs (eg the covid-19 pandemic), they need to ensure that they respond professionally, that all passengers are clearly informed of the situation, and they should accept full responsibility when they hand out totally erroneous advice.

16 June 2020

Cunard's 5 Star Service just gets better and better.

As always Cunard's 5 Star Service just gets better and better. The crew and officers are always a pleasure to meet.

26 May 2020

An amazing experience.

Entertainment staff were fantastic. The overall trip was an amazing experience due to all the places we stopped and cruised by.

Mr Jennings, 17 May 2020

We found we did not require any other assistance or service from any department, hence excellent.

Mrs Hodgkins, 22 April 2020

I loved every minute, even the rough seas. Cannot wait to do my third trip

15 April 2020

A most reliable Cruise Company and a memorable voyage despite Coronavirus !

Outstanding quality all the way despite Coronavirus threat, couldn't have been better - except maybe for wifi / Internet services, quite poor though costly

13 April 2020

Der Service war immer einwandfrei und zugewandt. Freundliche Mitarbeiter und Problemlösung immer perfekt (Kerstin Pursers Office)

Mrs Sadowski, 13 April 2020

Amazing holiday

Absolutely outstanding, nothing was too much trouble for waiting staff, pursers office, entertainment staff, stewards...

Dear Mrs Sadowski I am delighted to hear you had an amazing time on board and everyone looked after you well. We look forward to having the opportunity in welcoming you back on board again very soon. Kind Regards Kelly Guest Relations
Mrs Bauer, 13 April 2020

bester Service

wir wurden an Bord während der gesamten Reise gut betreut...wie schon im vergangenen Jahr

Mr Shaw, 6 April 2020

Reduced standards

Clear cost reductions have taken place since previous cruises tarnishing a 5 star rating particularly in the standard restaurant, but still good value for money.

Dear Mr Shaw Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback. I was very sorry to read your comment and that you feel our standards have dropped this year to that of previous. This is certainly not our intention and I sincerely regret if any of your enjoyment of your recent cruise was affected by this. Your comments have been noted and will be passed on accordingly. Glad to know you still felt was good value for money. Once again, thank you for your review. I hope we can welcome you on board in future. Kind Regards Kelly Guest Relations
Mr Notter, 6 April 2020

Leicht abgebauter CUNARD-Standard aber gute Covi-19 Bewältigung

Freundliches engagiertes Personal, gewohnt gutes Angebot. Leider ist die Deutschbetreuung sehr mangelhaft, ja sogar fehlerhaft. Als erfahrener Cunard-Reisender bemerke ich einen Abbau der Dienstleistungen was sich in verschiedenen kleinen Punkten bemerkbar macht. Leider sind auch die meist sehr guten Shows am Abend viel zu Laut und können darum nicht besucht werden. (Hat der Tonmeister Höhrschwierigkeiten?). Gute Reaktion auf die Pandemie Covi-19. Bravo!!!

Mrs Hadler, 5 April 2020

Lovely in the circumstances. Pure class to a sudden end.

We had a wonderful cruise from Sydney to Fremantle in challenging world-wide difficulties for everyone. Queen Mary 2 staff and guests must be commended on their resolve and stoic approach in the face of impending serious problems. We felt the atmosphere on the ship was lovely considering the circumstances. The welcome from the hosts/volunteers/ambassadors in Australia was exceptional, well done Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Busselton and Fremantle. Cunard and their guests were greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. We chose to travel to Australia for the 3rd time to visit their vast continent because of the unwritten “bond” we have with their jolly and outgoing people. Having sailed around Alaska last summer on Queen Elizabeth, we enjoyed the company and outgoing attitude of a large number of like-minded voyagers from Australia (and New Zealand) . We appreciated Cunard’s generous shuttle service in Melbourne and Adelaide. In Busselton, the cancellation of one vineyard on the Cunard tour of the Wines of Margaret River did not detract from the day as the other 2 vineyards were terrific ( very jolly ambience and generous tasting). The substitute visit to Canal Rocks and to Dunsborough were really interesting and well done in the circumstances. As independent explorers generally, we were impressed with this tour. Perhaps the key to success for cruise tours is to have a wine tasting at 10 o’clock in the morning! Well done Cape Naturaliste! The Captain kept us informed of difficulties in Fremantle and onwards. Anyone with any perception would understand the deterioration in world-wide health and it was no great surprise that we would not be going onward. The final afternoon of the disembarkation of the guests in Fremantle was accomplished with style considering the sad occasion. As we left the ship at the last possible opportunity ( late flight back via Dubai), it was touching to see a large contingent of a range of uniformed staff saying a reluctant farewell. All credit two Queen Mary 2, with the Captain, Hotel Manager and Entertainment Manager being amongst the last to say goodbye on the quayside. Thankyou for a lovely abbreviated voyage. Our thoughts are with all the staff, we appreciate our inconvenience was insignificant compared to their very uncertain and difficult future. David and Joan, Cumbria, UK

5 April 2020

Great itinerary and a super experience.

To start at the end, when the Coronavirus situation became serious towards my disembarkation date they were helpful, and rebooked me. So I was glad to arrive home on schedule. As usual the staff onboard were friendly and helpful throughout. And my cabin was well looked after and their hygiene measures were excellent, doubly so in this crisis. Food and drinks (latter pricey) were of high standard.

Mr Mohr, 5 April 2020

Unsere Erfahrung mit Cunard war positiv.

Unsere Erfahrung mir Cunard war positiv. Insbesondere die Organisation der Rückreise ab Freemantle war hervorragend. Was mich immer noch stört, sind die rigiden Kleidervorschriften. Z.B. gelten diese für Bars wie den Chart Room, wo meist eine Jazz Band spielt und auch für die Anlässe im Queens Room. Im Britannia Restaurant würden sie uns nicht stören, da wir stets im Kings Court essen. Service der Kabine und das Essen waren ausgezeichnet.

5 April 2020

Eine Reise, die immer in unserer Erinnerung bleiben wird!

Der Service war ganz ausgezeichnet. Jeder hat sich große Mühe gegeben, unsere Wünsche zu erfüllen.

Mrs Riseley, 5 April 2020

the boat, crew room were fantastic loved it

the boat, crew, room were fantastic loved, loved, loved it

Dear Mrs Riseley Fantastic. Thank you, so nice to hear you had a wonderful cruise. We look forward to having the opportunity in welcoming you back on board again very soon. Kind Regards Kelly Guest Relations
Mr Periam, 4 April 2020

The cruise was cancelled halfway through. I am still waiting to hear from Cunard about my refund

Mr Gutteridge, 21 February 2020

The worst cruise that my wife & I have ever been on.

Complaint about: Food & Service also other problems on Cunard’s 2019/2020 Christmas & New Year cruise. Cruise No: V001. Booking Ref: 2PGMDW. Ship: Queen Victoria. Sailing Date: 23 Dec 19 to 6 Jan 20 Cruising over the past 11 years on the Cunard ships such as the Queen Mary2, Queen Elizabeth & Queen Victoria we have felt that the quality of Cunard’s High Standards of Service & their Standards of High Quality Food that is expected onboard Cunard ships of that quality has now dropped dramatically in over those years. Our past complaints have ranged from a Human Fingernail that was found in our food whilst we were eating it in the Britannia Restaurant onboard the Queen Elizabeth, to our stateroom being flooded out with sewerage coming out of the toilet whilst onboard the Queen Victoria, where my wife’s expensive gowns were completely ruined. We have made further complaints about the level of Cunard’s service that they offer. These range from being insulted by a member of Cunard’s staff due to a mistaken identity without any apology given, to being hustled into an over crowded taxi that Cunard arranged to take us to their ship from an over night stay in a hotel, where six passengers were crammed into a vehicle with their entire luggage. That particular journey resembled travelling like animals packed into a vehicle that was being transported to a market, as though we were in some Third World Country. On our most recent cruise was onboard the Queen Victoria and was their 2019/2020 Christmas & New Year Cruise down to the Canary Islands, where there were more families onboard the Queen Victoria than ever before in which the ship resembled a Floating Butlins Holiday Camp and the ships main restaurant, the Britannia Restaurant resembled a giant McDonalds at sea. Many children were running amuck around the ship, bumping into elderly passengers of, which many had mobility problems & also bumping into waiters carrying food trays whilst trying to serve food to their passengers in the Britannia Restaurant, which we consider was highly dangerous on a floating vessel on the high seas. There were also children constantly knocking passenger’s chairs whilst they were trying to have their dinner in the Britannia Restaurant and no one in authority would stop any of this unruly behaviour. One evening in the Britannia Restaurant there was a young woman breast feeding a toddler in full view of everyone where many passengers walked out of the restaurant. However, whilst I have no objections to breast feeding mothers and recognise the benefits that can bring to a child, I do consider that there is a time and a place for this activity and that is not in the middle of a large restaurant in full view of all the diners that were shocked and stunned in what they saw. It would now appear that Cunard has opened up their ships to a more family orientated cruise. Whilst we accept the fact that the Queen Victoria is not exclusively for adults, where it has been mentioned that families are welcome, it also has been mentioned that facilities for looking after children onboard a Cunard Ship are very limited and parents should keep their children under control. However, amongst all this mayhem our main concerns on all our voyages with Cunard is their Poor Quality of Food and their deplorable lack of service, which was disgusting. Over the past 11 years we have cruised on Cunard’s ships and we have noticed year after year there has been a little less quality in the service and the high quality food that we once had and is expected onboard a Cunard ship became inedible on the 2019/2020 Christmas & New Year’s voyage. The Chicken breasts we ordered to be medium cooked were so baked up when it was served up to us that it also came with a burnt piece of bone sticking out of it, of which we never got the answer as to why that was. The medium cooked steak we asked for turned up like a lump of burnt rubber which had crispy burnt edges to it and the only solutions from the waiters was to pour more gravy over these burnt offerings. From that point on we were forced to have as our main evening meals of salads & chips in the Queen Victoria’s cafeteria known as the Lido. Also, the food that is supposed to be hot and cooked to the guests liking, was not only baked up, but was cold by the time it was served, which was because the hot meals have been served up to guests on cold plates. The final straw came when we were given someone else’s dinner after waiting for over an hour between courses and at that point we asked to be moved from this hellhole, to another part of the restaurant, but found the service where we moved to was no better. Management had done nothing to improve the quality of the food and service and we felt we have not only been fobbed off by the onboard management, but truly Ripped Off by Cunard with their poor quality food, the abominable service and being insulted without an apology due to mistaken identity. Cunard have to remember that it is not the ship that makes a good voyage; it is the staff onboard their ships that provide a good level of service and good quality of food that will want to make the guests return. Due to a lower level of service and to the lower quality of food that was presented to us, which was especially noticeable onboard the Queen Victoria’s 2019/2020.Christmas & New Year Cruise, has spoilt our holiday and we now consider that was the worst cruise that we have ever been on in all our history of cruising. Complaining to the management on board a Cunard Ship makes no difference whatsoever; as they know you are only on their ship a short period of time, which is why I now write this brief report. Yours sincerely Mr & Mrs D Gutteridge

Good afternoon Mr Gutteridge Thank you so much for sharing your experience and taking the time toleaveyour comments. I am truly sorry to read of your disappointment and I was sorry to learn that there were a number of issues which affected your enjoyment during the cruise. I can see that you have already been in contact with our Guest Relation team. I have noted your comments and these will be passed on accordingly. Your feedback is, of course, important to us to assist in evaluating our product and making improvements were deemed necessary. We do hope that despite the above, we will have the opportunity to welcome you back on board again in the near future. Kind Regards Kelly Guest Relations
The meaningless apology and comments made by a person called Kelly at Cunard's Guest Relations does not resemble the hell we were put through on their 2019/2020 Christmas & New Year's cruise and only goes to show that Kelly & Cunard have not got a clue how to treat their guests onboard a ship of this quality. Yours sincerely Mr & Mrs D Gutteridge .