The beauty of Britain and the magic of the Mediterranean.

Queen Elizabeth will make her return to the United Kingdom and European waters, offering scenic cruising around the UK's coastline before her fly-cruise season in Barcelona, and returning to Melbourne in December 2021.

On sale from 10.00am, 29 September 2020.

Queen Elizabeth in Europe.

In March 2021, Queen Elizabeth makes a return to British waters for an illuminating series of Mediterranean, Western Europe and British Isles voyages.

The highlights of her 2021 programme include scenic cruising around the coasts of England, Ireland and Scotland, together with a maiden port call in Genoa, Italy. Overnight stays in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Lisbon further enhance her European destinations, while stops in Singapore and Sri Lanka await those venturing to Australia.

A holiday with Cunard is an escape to another world.

Where the ordinary is extraordinary and untold possibilities abound. A chance to experience something new every day, or enjoy the fulfilment of doing nothing at all. Where time unfurls at your own pace and life’s greatest pleasures are yours to savour.

Scenic cruising.

Escape the everyday with a scenic cruise where you’ll enjoy uninterrupted sailing. Enjoy time to unwind as you delight in the majestic landscape, while indulging in music, theatre and dining on board.

A world to enjoy however you wish.

Spacious decks offering a feeling of freedom, days filled with the promise of possibilities, and evenings where the night is always young. Queen Elizabeth’s world is elegant and inviting.

Delightful pursuits and pleasures.

Time on Queen Elizabeth brings the opportunity to indulge in life’s greatest pleasures. From wine tastings to inspirational talks and fitness classes, days at sea are never short of enriching.

Destinations to explore at leisure.

Overnight calls and evening departures from Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Lisbon offer a chance to explore these cities after dark, allowing you the freedom of time to experience all that these destinations offer.

Sailing with Cunard.