In partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company

All the world’s a stage… even the mid-Atlantic

Since May 2022, Cunard and the Royal Shakespeare Company's (RSC) partnership has taken the power of Shakespeare to sea. Guests on Queen Mary 2 have enjoyed exclusive theatrical scenes, Q&A sessions and much more thanks to this unique and special partnership.

Unpat'd waters, undream'd shores

Experience a theatrical piece created exclusively for our on board programme called Boundless as the Sea. Created by Owen Horsley, this will be a unique blend of Shakespeare’s iconic love scenes. Guests will also have the opportunity to see critically-acclaimed new work from the RSC through an abridged version of its 2018 production of Miss Littlewood. This musical by Sam Kenyon explores the life of Joan Littlewood, one of theatre’s most radical figures. Some of the RSC’s most popular productions in recent years will be also brought to life through screenings in the cinema and on stateroom TVs.

Photo by Topher McGrillis © RSC

Intimate insights into an actor’s craft

For guests who are interested in learning what it takes to be an RSC actor, the cast will be leading a series of workshops that explore their craft. Guests may also enjoy ‘Shakespeare Tales’, intimate, informal events where the actors will perform their personal favourite sonnets and speeches, and invite questions from the audience about their selections.

Photo by Topher McGrillis © RSC

Experience the RSC on board

RSC returns to Queen Mary 2 with an enhanced programme of both theatre productions and workshops.

There will be an offering of two matinee or evening theatre performances per 7-night voyage - Boundless as the Sea and Miss Littlewood - as well as a host of extra workshops, an enriched selection of 'Shakespeare Tales' and talks, a behind-the-scenes insight into RSC's approach and preparation for a performance and readings of Shakespeare's sonnets, film screenings and more.

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About the RSC

On land, the RSC is committed to creating extraordinary theatre experiences inspired by Shakespeare’s plays in Stratford-upon-Avon, in London, around the world and online.

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