Cruises from Vancouver.

Roam through icy inlets, toast Independence Day at sea, and traverse ancient temples when you cruise from Vancouver with Cunard. Voyage on Queen Elizabeth, one of just three ships in Cunard’s fleet, and immerse yourself in the culture of the Far East and Alaska.

Featured cruises from Vancouver.

A cruise with Cunard from Vancouver transports you to far-off lands and otherworldly terrains. Sail alongside Glacier Bay National Park in icy Alaska or brave the world’s busiest intersection in dreamlike Tokyo.

Alaska cruises from Vancouver.

A land where majestic beasts still roam free and glaciers are the size of cities, a cruise to Alaska is an otherworldly experience. Voyage into an icy wonderland where nature and man still live as one.

Japan cruises from Vancouver

Immortalised in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, Tokyo is chaos and quiet, tradition and playfulness. A city of sushi restaurants and karaoke bars basking in an iridescent neon glow.

Cruise from Vancouver in 2023.

Why Cunard?

Afternoon tea in the Queen’s Room, elegant Gala Evenings and inspiring evening entertainment. A Cunard cruise is a holiday at sea. Relax, unwind and explore your ship at your leisure.

Sailing from Vancouver on board Queen Elizabeth.

As elegant as her namesake, a voyage on Queen Elizabeth is a truly special experience. Savour expansive decks, gourmet cuisine and beautiful art deco design that evokes sea travel’s golden era.