Queen Victoria cruises 2024

Escape the everyday and immerse yourself in the finest levels of refinement on this cherished vessel. Find new favourites at your own pace while exploring new places in 2024, with more selections on board than you have time to explore.

Queen Victoria Mediterranean cruises 2024

Mediterranean cruise routes give travellers the chance to discover locations with a rich cultural past dating back thousands of years. Become lost amid island archipelagos and carelessly sweep through narrow cobblestone alleyways.

Queen Victoria Western Europe cruises 2024

From stunning wine-making regions of Portugal and France to the sun-kissed beaches of Spain, a cruise to Western Europe offers many sights to see.

Queen Victoria world cruises 2024

Discover the world from the west coast of America to Australia, where you can delight in the sands of the Gold Coast before setting your eyes on the culture and history of Asia. A World Voyage on board Queen Victoria is yours to shape.