Queen Mary 2 itineraries 2020.

Follow in the footsteps of legends or come face to face with one. In 2020, Queen Mary 2 itineraries are fusing inspiring destinations with unique onboard celebrations of art, culture and human achievement.

Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic itineraries 2020.

A Transatlantic Crossing aboard Queen Mary 2 is a voyage unlike any other. Embrace the freedom of life at sea with the ocean as your ever faithful companion.

Queen Mary 2 Caribbean itineraries 2020.

Take time out to explore the wonderful island archipelagos of the Caribbean in 2020. Bathe in warm tropical seas and savour the softness of snow-white sands as you lounge on world-class beaches.

Queen Mary 2 short cruise itineraries 2020.

Queen Mary 2’s 2020 short cruise itineraries offer 2-5 nights of unadulterated ocean travel. Immerse yourself in your ship at sea and savour hours of freedom at your destinations when in port.

Queen Mary 2 World and exotic cruise itineraries 2020.

In 2020, leave the familiar behind and throw yourself, your heart and your mind, into a journey of pure discovery. Sate your curiosity, rouse your senses and fulfil a million dreams on a single ocean voyage.

Queen Mary 2 event voyage itineraries 2020.

Join Queen Mary 2 to celebrate extraordinary feats and individuals of outstanding achievement in 2020. Hear from industry trailblazers, witness world-firsts at sea and savour intimate performances.

London Theatre at Sea with The Olivier Awards, 7 nights.

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Transatlantic Fashion Week, 7 nights.

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World Space Week, 7 nights.

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Literature Festival at Sea, 7 nights.

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