Hawaii cruises

The Hawaiian archipelago has long symbolised tropical paradise, and its white sandy beaches, lush forests and towering volcanic peaks never fail to captivate holidaymakers. The islands may form America’s 50th state, but their position in the middle of the Pacific lends it a feeling like no other part of the US.


When you cruise to Hawaii with Cunard, you’ll almost certainly visit the isle of Oahu, whose immense natural riches include Pali Lookout, with breathtaking views over a patchwork of emerald fields and jagged mountains. On Kauai, stunning Waimea Canyon is the main draw, while over on Maui, you won’t want to miss the rock known as the Iao Needle or, if you’re lucky, spot humpback whales in the surrounding waters.



Hawaii’s creation was undoubtedly dramatic. Its islands were shaped by ancient volcanic eruptions which are responsible for the fertile land and the show-stopping scenery that every cruise to Hawaii will reveal today. The state of Hawaii came into being in 1959. Prior to this Hawaii had strong links with America as it was an overseas territory with a major US naval base at Pearl Harbor – now synonymous with the devastating attack in 1941 and home to a poignant memorial to the servicemen who lost their lives.



Most of our Hawaii cruises call in Honolulu, a modern, cosmopolitan city filled with all nationalities, yet bound by an underlying Polynesian spirit. The excellent Bishop Museum is one way to understand Hawaiian customs, dress and traditions. Being islands, there is a natural affinity with the water. Canoe paddling is virtually a national sport, while the unique volcanic sea floor creates huge waves, so Hawaii boasts some of the best surfing in the world – and the more active can have surf lessons on the iconic Waikiki Beach.



Hawaii offers delicious fusion dishes, with fish featuring heavily. Expect to find food influenced by Asia, South America and Europe and of course the US, with the best recipes and ingredients taken from each region.