Top 10 destinations in 2018.

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During 2018, our cruises visit an exciting array of destinations. All continue to captivate and beguile, especially those shown here, which you’ve told us are among your favourites. Some are incredibly scenic, like Venice and Monte Carlo. Others are etched with stories, from medieval European harbours to historic Quebec and the imperial grandeur of St Petersburg.

Cunard’s top destinations.

  • Monte Carlo, Monaco

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    Monte Carlo is glamour defined, home to immense yachts and gleaming supercars, the Grand Casino, the lavish Opera House and the resplendent Prince’s Palace. There’s more beyond the chic, such as the clifftop Botanical Garden, a clutch of intriguing museums like the Oceanographic Museum, and the atmospheric old harbour.

  • Dubrovnik, Croatia

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    Step through the Pile Gate into the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik’s red roofed old town, and you’re on the marbled Stradun, the main boulevard. Franciscan monasteries, the bell tower and a medieval pharmacy await, while walks along the curved city walls make for scenic views inland and over the clear Adriatic waters.

  • St Petersburg, Russia

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    On an overnight visit to Peter the Great’s ‘Window on the West’, you can explore its waterways, squares and boulevards. Admire gilded St Isaac’s Cathedral, the onion domes of Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood, or tsarist palaces such as the Winter Palace, now housing the impressive collections of the Hermitage Museum.

  • Quebec City, Canada

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    Quebec City stands beside the St Lawrence River as North America’s only walled city. Its Chateau Frontenac is the undisputed emblem of an Old Town where you’ll also find the star-shaped Citadelle and the Place Royale. The 89-metre Montmorency Falls are worth a visit too, narrower yet one and a half times higher than Niagara Falls.

  • Bergen, Norway

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    A gateway to the Norwegian Fjords, Bergen is an ideal blend of natural and cultural treasures. Walk along the old wharf marvelling at the scenic beauty and be dazzled by the vibrantly coloured wooden houses nestled within the city.

  • Rome, Italy

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    This dazzling port is embedded with centuries-old artistic wonders and ancient ruins set to take you back to the past. Experience the grandeur of the Vatican City and appreciate the splendidness of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

  • Reykjavik, Iceland

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    Here is a starting point for any visit to Iceland and, not undeservedly so. The capital is world-renowned for its culture, history and natural beauty on all fronts. Stroll downtown and experience the friendly culture, local music and quaint cafes.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    Become mesmerised in this capital city as you immerse yourself in its artistic heritage within the museum district. Wind through the elaborate canal system and marvel at the quintessential narrow houses with gable facades so typical to Amsterdam.

  • Barcelona, Spain

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    A cosmopolitan treasure, Barcelona is coloured by eccentric artworks, inspired food and vibrant street life. Discover the medieval roots in the Gothic Quarter and the modernist architecture of Sagrada Família church before visiting Boqueria market for some cultural cuisine.

  • Athens, Greece

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    The cradle of civilisation, Athens is the oldest city in Europe. Walk within the stately columns of the Parthenon, stroll through the National Archaeology Museum, one of the greatest antiquities museums, or navigate amongst the animated tavernas of the Plaka.