Denmark cruises


Have you ever heard of hygge? The word is untranslatable, but has been entering the British lexicon in recent years. It refers to a feeling of contentment and cosiness – and we believe that you will feel it from the start of your Denmark cruise until the end.

Whether it is due to the ease of travel, the amount of arts and entertainment on offer, or the beauty of the countryside, something about this country makes its residents very happy. And this happiness translates into everything the Danish do. The cuisine is simple and enjoyable, the towns whimsical and fairytale-esque, and the landscape and architecture are wonderfully unique. 

Denmark’s shining star is its capital, Copenhagen, which could just as easily be called the ‘Capital of Cool’. Copenhagen is at the helm of the Scandi-renaissance of recent years in terms of TV, design and fashion. It is home to the ultimate in industrial chic – its cafés, bars and restaurants are all achingly trendy. 

There are many famous castles in Denmark that give you a magical glimpse into the historic past. Frederiksborg Castle is a unique Renaissance castle located in the stunning Danish countryside just north of Copenhagen. It is wonderfully picturesque and is also the Museum of National History, with paintings, portraits and antiques galore.


While in Denmark, you are well advised to sample some traditional Danish cuisine. You will have heard about the amazing pastries, and as flaky, soft and buttery as they are, there is plenty more to try besides. Traditional Danish staples include porridge, open sandwiches and roast pork accompanied by parsley sauce.

In recent years Danish food has been revolutionised by new Nordic cuisine, leading to the introduction of dishes such as braised cod and pear barley with mussels – the focus always being on fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Delicious.


Denmark enjoys a temperate climate, which is characterised by mild winters and relatively cool summers. In the hottest month of August, the average temperature is around 17°C.

On your Denmark cruise, bring warm layers to keep you warm even when the temperature drops, as well as something waterproof, just in case. Comfortable shoes are also a must when exploring on dry land.

Useful information

The language spoken in Denmark is Danish, and there are a number of minority languages spoken in parts of the country, such as German, Faroese and Greenlandic.

The currency used in Denmark is the Danish Krone. Denmark is a member of the EU, but its citizens declined to join the Euro in 2000. The Danish Krone is written as ‘DKK’ in international money markets, and as ‘Dkr’ in Northern Europe. In Denmark, it is simply ‘kr’.

Restaurants, hotels and taxis will all normally include service charge. Further tipping is considered unnecessary, but rounding up the bill is not uncommon.