Northern Europe cruises

Your Northern Europe cruise is an ever-changing visual feast from futuristic skylines to medieval castles in traditional towns. Taking in the most celebrated and rising stars of this cosmopolitan continent, your highlights can include the fjords of the remote Faroe Islands, the French coast, Germany’s Baltic towns and seafaring stops between Belgium and the Netherlands as far east as little Estonia and Russia’s majestic, St Petersburg.


Discover true difference at diverse destinations on this exciting itinerary with too many UNESCO world heritage sites to mention. Learn the unforgettable stories of the past and find today’s top ways to have fun ashore, enjoying canal cruises in Amsterdam or Bruges, ‘the Venice of the North’. In Hamburg head to the Beatles’ first music venue, the Indra Club, and the famous Fischmarkt in St Pauli, running since 1703.


From before the Romans through the Renaissance to modern day, the tapestry of time has gained castles, cathedrals and remnants of Kings, Queens and armies of old left their imprint to be admired today.  Discover well-known sites and secrets like Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, on the Baltic Sea with its walled Old Town and 15th Century defensive tower, Kiek in de Kök.


Sophisticated cities and smaller towns alike are home to famous landmarks, legends and all kinds of art and performance. Enjoy live music and dancing in local festivities; take in a ballet, a play, an opera; explore St Petersburg’s State Hermitage museum, the largest in the world. Indulge in cultural riches at each destination.


A Northern Europe cruise is an exciting opportunity to sample the delicious and dramatically varied cuisine of each region. Some dishes date back thousands of years. Enjoy the bread and cheese of France; the meats of Germany; fresh caught fish and seafood; poultry; pâte; Belgian chocolate and beer or the hearty, warming food that reflects the colder climes of Russia and Estonia. Home of the Michelin star, France is arguably still the head and the heart of European culinary perfection.


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    Sun 28 Jul to 11 Aug 2019

    Iceland and British Isles

    Queen Victoria

    14 nights from $2,429 per person

  • Around the British Isles

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    Sun 11 Aug to 23 Aug 2019

    Around the British Isles

    Queen Victoria

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  • Baltic Highlights

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    Sun 11 Aug to 25 Aug 2019

    Baltic Highlights

    Queen Elizabeth

    14 nights from $2,599 per person

Northern Europe Cruises

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From Belgium to Russia, you'll discover world-class regional cuisines, the rich legacy of a long history of art and architecture, as well as beautiful natural landscapes.


Whilst Belgium is famed for its fine tradition of lacemaking and its fabulous chocolatiers, you'll also find remarkably preserved medieval architecture. Since Belgium is the country with the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants, gourmets will be in their element.