Brunei cruises

A small but remarkably rich country located on the island of Borneo is the beautiful nation of Brunei. Cruises to Brunei will transport visitors to a land of great natural resource which has propelled the country into fabulous wealth. It is an oil-rich country of industry and trade and there are plenty intriguing locations and attractions to discover.


Explore the bustling main port encountered in Muara, the culturally-rich capital city of Bandar Seri Begawan, the world-class beaches or the beautiful natural sites dotted around the country, Brunei has a number of tricks up its sleeve.


The capital city, Bandar Seri Begawan, is the most popular stop for tourists visiting on cruises to Brunei. The city is famous for its incredible mosque, that of Omar Ali Saifuddien. The beautiful structure is located by the water’s edge and is an incredible sight at night when it is lit up. 


Another of the city’s attractions is the Kampong Ayer, a floating water village that can be reached by taxi boat. The village, located along Brunei River, has extremely friendly inhabitants who are always glad to show people around their homes. Back on dry land, pay a visit to the Brunei Museum where you can enjoy some stunning Islamic art. 

If you fancy a dose of retail therapy during your trip, Brunei is famous for its large shopping malls. Gadong is the most famous location for shoppers, home to the biggest mall in the country. Serusop is home to a brand new shopping mall and is full of various high street brands.

Do not leave Brunei without absorbing some of its beautiful nature. One of the best examples of this can be found in the form of Tasek Merimbun. This is a very famous lake located just over an hour from the capital, home to diverse birdlife for those interested in spotting some wildlife.

In Brunei people love to eat out. There are countless restaurants and cuisine types serving everything from American-style fast food to Japanese delicacies. If you want to discover something more authentic on your plate, it is likely that it will be based around soy sauce, something that Brunei is famous for. The most common meal you will encounter is called nasi katok, a simple meal consisting of rice and curried beef or chicken which is often very spicy.


Brunei experiences a tropical climate, and therefore, the weather tends to be very hot or very wet. The average annual temperature tends to sit around the high-20s, with April and May recording the highest temperatures.

February to April are the driest months, while October to December experience something of a deluge. The country manages to escape more extreme weather such as typhoons, but it has been known to suffer from seasonal haze caused by Indonesian forest fires.

Useful Information

The language spoken in Brunei is Malay, though English is widely recognised. The currency is the Bruneian dollar, though you may occasionally here it referred to as the Ringgit, the official currency of Malaysia.

It is important to recognise that Brunei is a Muslim country and therefore certain levels of respect need to be enforced. The most obvious issues surround dress, and it is always a good idea to be conservative in the way you present yourself.

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