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All our Canada cruises combine iconic cities and incredible scenery. Canada takes its conservation responsibilities very seriously and there are several national parks which bear testament to their great strides of achievement. They not only show off the natural beauty to best effect but give great insight into the history and culture of the communities who originally colonised the area.


The wilderness and tranquillity of Newfoundland is in stark contrast to the cosmopolitan vibe of the cities, where you will feel the warm welcome of the island community. Nova Scotia is altogether a different proposition. Halifax, the capital, has some of the best shopping opportunities you could wish for. The province of Quebec has a style all of its own. The splendour of the cathedral, Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal, simply must not be missed.


The American Indians were the first indigenous people to populate Canada and their relics and history are still much prized and closely preserved. Many thousands of Irish and Scottish emigrated to Canada in search of a better life. These Celtic origins are evident today, not least in the music and culture of the northern provinces. It was the French who had the greatest influence over the region of Quebec and to this day French is still the official language.


There is no one cultural influence with which to paint Canada. It is a multicultural mix, united by the warmth of its people. The Celtic heritage has a great bearing on the way of life which still exists in both Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. ‘Kitchen Parties’ are still common where neighbours get together to share food and folklore as well as song and dance.


You can find everything from fine dining to fast food but it is the local dishes which present the most interesting new experiences.The combination of French fries, topped with cheese and smothered in gravy may sound strange but the taste is scrumptious. For something truly special, try lobster poutine which adds a luxurious twist to the traditional comfort food.


Featured cruises to USA and Canada

  • New England and Canada

    Featured Cruise

    Sun 23 Sep to 30 Sep 2018

    New England and Canada

    Queen Mary 2

    7 nights from $749 per person

  • Quebec, Halifax and New York

    Featured Cruise

    Sun 30 Sep to 07 Oct 2018

    Quebec, Halifax and New York

    Queen Mary 2

    7 nights from $799 per person

  • Transatlantic, New England and Canada

    Featured Cruise

    Sun 25 Aug to 08 Sep 2019

    Transatlantic, New England and Canada

    Queen Mary 2

    14 nights from $2,499 per person


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Canada Cruises

Canada is unlike any other region of North America and has such a diversity of cultural influences from its fascinating history that each region is almost like a country in itself. Sailing through its waters, you will experience exciting natural phenomena and wildlife from whales to icebergs – though of course from a distance.

British Columbia

This very special part of the world is loved by locals and travellers alike for the warm welcome that pulls you in and the vast wilderness which urges you out into the mountains, forests and waters of the Pacific Northwest.